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Losing Australia courtesy the media

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on January 30, 2010

Watching TV yesterday.

Mr Arnab as usual was leaned forward 28.6 degrees – his head perilously close to banging the camera. They were running tapes of Mr Ranjodh Singhs body coming back home in a coffin after being stabbed and set alight in Australia. For days the media had been gone to town on the Australians over this racist incident. (“Aus couple arrested for murder“, “Indians should not go to study in Australia“, “Aus rule out race again“, “Ku Klux Klan ad in India”, “Indian stabbed in Lung“, “No to Australia, “India warns against Australia trips” and on and on).

The Rs 65,000 Crore Rupee bag on the table – that Indians have been arrested for killing Mr Ranjodh Singh was completely brushed aside.

Here is PTI News Wire.

The body of 25-year-old Ranjodh Singh, a victim of racial violence against Indians in Australia, was cremated at his village in the district today.

This came down the wire on Jan 29, so the media was fully aware by then that this was an Indian-on-Indian job. The media does not even have the fig leaf of hysteria.

Minister accompanies family members to receive body

It is also startling that Ms Kaur (the Minister of State for External Affairs) accompanied the family members of Mr Ranjodh Singh to the airport to receive the body. Do they do this for all Indian nationals killed ?

Ms. Kaur, who accompanied family members of Ranjodh Singh to the airport here to receive the body, termed the attacks on Indians unfortunate. “The Indian government will do whatever is required,” she told journalists. But after it emerged that all the accused in the Ranjodh Singh case were Indians, the External Affairs Ministry put out a release in which Ms. Kaur was quoted as advising all prospective students to Australia to “carefully apprise themselves of the ground realities including suitability of the institution in question, costs involved and consular procedures.”

Source : Hindu

A question of context

On this occasion, the Union Minister of State for External Affairs Preneet Kaur on Friday reiterated the government’s advice to students going abroad to exercise due diligence. In fact, that is The Hindu’s sandpaper smoothing out her statement. She actually said this :

“In a manner of speaking this has been addressed as the advisory which we have put out to the Indians is to be careful and not to go for the moment to Australia for further studies,” said Kaur.

Source : Times Now

Why maam ? Because other Indians will kill you !

It is all about the occasion. An official statement placing Australia and its people in a bad light while receiving the body of an Indian killed by other Indians is beyond just stupid.

Answer Mr Peter Verghese –

“The Indian media have all but ignored a murder allegedly committed by three of the country’s own citizens, in marked contrast to the hysterical coverage of allegedly racist attacks on Indian nationals in Australia.” And in New Delhi, Australia’s high commissioner Peter Varghese

Source : India Today

India Today instead of apologizing has a brazen headline “Australia plays up killings by Indians“. Damn right – they are going to play it up. You should apologize for calling them racist over this Indian-on-Indian crime.

The media owes an exceptional apology to the Australians on this incident. Instead they should focus on the attempted rape of a 9-year old Russian girl in Goa.


Tailpiece :

Here is what the social elite think of Australia.

As Rohinton Mistry would say …’Such a long journey’! Even if the two cities, Sydney and Melbourne, are divided by just an hour and a half of flying time, they are worlds apart! Melbourne is more celebral and snob. Sydney, sexy and frisky. Take your pick. I enjoy both, so I refuse to take sides. But to quote a die -hard Melbourne lover, who shall go nameless, “Sydney is like a beautiful woman, a seductress, who cannot possibly hold anybody’s interest once her looks fade!” Oh dear, oh dear. Cutting edge comparison? Or just cutting?
I have been in and around Melbourne for the past three days. The reason you didn’t find me here was because of a techno hiccup – no internet access! I’ll be leaving Amazing Australia and Marvellous Melbourne a few hours from now. But somehow, I know in my heart it is a temporary goodbye. Please note, nobody pays me to say any of this! Put simply, Australia remains one of my top destinations. I have never had anything but the best time here. I find the people disarmingly casual and appealingly unfussy about everything they enjoy in such abundance.

Source : Blog

Maybe my cynicism is getting to me, but  I think there is an elite* conspiracy to prevent Indian cabbies and waiters from crowding their vacation spots.

* Elite =  defined as winners of the socialist sweepstakes


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  2. Barbarindian said, on February 3, 2010 at 5:07 am

    Indian man faked attack in a case of Insurance fraud in Australia.

    What is happening is an interesting case of media itching to get into a more of an “activist” role a la Western democracies. We have seen this in specific crime cases where media does a blitzkrieg of coverage followed by a triumphant “IMPACT: Perp arrested after coverage by this newspaper” type of report. Unfortunately such cases are few and far in between – mostly because purely apolitical sensational criminal cases are hard to come by.

    Therefore the media is now resorting to the Jihadi technique of exploiting the superior and liberal policies in Western countries.

    Just now the chemistry Nobel winner has claimed racism. Expect tons of coverage.

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