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Why the Aussies hate us ? Outlook loses cool

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on February 3, 2010



1.  Media should credit to Australia for giving 200,000 Indians a ticket out of India.  Outlook never covered the corruption scandals that make millions want to quit India in the first place.

2. Crying racism works (eg Shilpa Shetty, popadum, ka-ching) – but is pathetic.  If Aussies were racist, they would not have let the Indians in. Everyone knows the Indian elite loves Australia for vacations. If Aussies were racist, that would not be the case.

3. The media conveniently leaves out the fact that Ranjodh Singh was likely an Indian-on-Indian crime. Even after the arrests were made, none of the media outlets issued a clarification.

4. Incorrect comparison with Chinese and other immigrants. Please, the Chinese do not retaliate with some Kung-Fu moves. They are just not the in-your-face type immigrant like the Indians. See how many of the reported incidents happened outside a bar at 2:00AM. Indians are just not mature enough to introspect and grok the immigrant-host concept.

5. This is not to say that there are some incidents that are real. But crying wolf, pulls the focus of those cases which have a good chance of getting a conviction.

The right way is to counsel the Indian who are departing to Australia. Remember, they do so of their own accord, often selling everything they have here, even pawning off their parents property.That is how badly they want to get the hell out.

Outlook should introspect and focus on internal scandals. The world does not owes us Indians anything.


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  1. Ot said, on February 4, 2010 at 1:22 pm

    I have no love lost for the Australians, and I think they should work harder at putting an end to the menace that the Indians in Aus are facing. But I also think that loony sections of the Indian media — Toutlook being a prime example — are running what amounts to a hate campaign against the Aussies. Vinod Mehta doesn’t generally need an excuse to lose his marbles — he’s kind of natural-born at that sort of thing — but in this case it looks like even a padded cell can’t keep him down. Either that or the Raheja group, who own Loutlook, have some unknown vested interest in driving Indian students away from Aus.

  2. MN said, on February 9, 2010 at 5:52 am

    Oh the Mainstream Media – I don’t even BELIEVE A WORD of what these people say.

    It is a long lost case. I’ve taken the time to look at the NCERT Texts that are ONLINE – especially the HISTORY ones. I can already foresee the rabid *nationalist* thoughts of this country’s Gen-Next by 2030 – having been fed completely on the hate-your-native-everything concept, it shouldn’t take too much time for Hamara Bharath Mahan to be on the lines of the below news item,
    (I do take this with a pinch of salt – the BBC being very much of the same ilk)

    I only hope & pray, the TRUE NATIVES of BHARATH and the lone keepers of its Native Faith SYSTEMS (yes, it is in plural) are long out of this country and preserve what really needs to be preserved and propagated to future generations.

    ~ MN

  3. revathi said, on February 10, 2010 at 8:37 am

    Dont understand the psyche of fellows who pay several lakhs of rupees to go to live in Australia for three dollars a day or some such thing. Can we do something to enlighten these compulsive migratory birds?

  4. Paul said, on March 9, 2010 at 12:26 am

    Aussies certainly do not hate Indians. There is a tiny minority of Australians who are violent but I doubt that they have the sophistication to tell an Indian from a Sri Lankan. What Aussies do HATE is people like Vinod Mehta and his evil and pathetic rag ascribing motives to the whole of a country on the basis of intervierws with a few fanatical politicians on the extreme right ( ie the equivalent of an australian paper describing India as a whole on the basis of comments by the loony in Mumbai). Mt Mehta is quoted in The Australian today as saying the death of the toddler is a wake-up call to Indians in Australia not to jump to conclusions about race. This is the ultimate irony coming from the editor of the rag that did just that….ie, drew conclusions not supported by fact. What a repulsive hypocrite

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