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Indian flag should be hoisted at Lal Chowk

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on January 25, 2011

Happy Republic Day !

I want the Indian flag to be hoisted in Lal Chowk.

Here are some of the arguments  I saw on TV today made by Congress & assorted seculars.

Subhashini Ali (CON) : Why do people from one part of the country go to another part to hoist a flag ? Why cant they do in their own states ?

Reality Check (non CON) : Kinda stupid, but since you asked. Most of the people in the rally are from Jammu & Kashmir state. Happy ?

Madhu Kishwar(might CON anytime) : Where was the BJP when 100 people were killed last year ?

First we need to recognize this trick of the seculars.

Trick : Attribute any issue against the establishment to the BJP.

Effect : Will confuse the public and sow doubts in their mind about their own personal stand

Example : BJP is making a big noise over 2G scam. Well, I know muslims who are outraged over the scam too. But since  you bring in the BJP you can expect all but the most sharp ones to back off. In reality, Indians are outraged over the scam. BJP just happens to be aligned with those Indians on this issue.

Back to Madhu Kishwar,

What she is saying is : Because the BJP did not intervene when 100 muslims living in Kashmir valley were killed,  India loses its right to hoist its flag on Lal Chowk. This is absurd. So Madhu, when does this sanction expire ? Is the hoisting of the national flag conditional on someone having behaved in a certain way.

Madhu Kishwar:  Patriotism is not about territory – it is about people

Okay – we get it.  Couched in sweet emotional talk like “BJP should talk to Kashmiris and win their hearts”  is the underlying reality that once you succumb to this compromise – you have no choice but to yield to the next step. Which is trade territory for peace of Indian Kashmiri Muslims. That would be the “people patriotism” – if they are not happy, what use is holding on to the valley. Territorial patriotism is nothing but jingoism – she says.

She makes it seem like it is a one way street in Kashmir. TWO decades have passed since the Hindu minority were thrown out of their homes. It is easy to turn around her question : Where was Madhu Kishwar when that happened ? But that is juvenile so we dont do that.  It is a religious issue – a few Islamists have held the state to ransom – no one believes they have the military power to challenge anyone hoisting the flag in Lal Chowk. So this over reaction from the Central Government is clearly something very suspicious.

This took the cake  :

A gentleman gets agitated at Arnab and says this :

Arnaub – Before the program we were told to air our views but not to politicize it. Now why is everyone doing it.

  1. To me it is shocking that guests are prepped before the program not to politicize it.
  2. Not one of the guests named the CONGRESS PARTY by name. On the other hand, there was not one sentence that did not have BJP in it.
  3. It seems to me that all guests lived up to their pre-debate deal. Congress was referred to in many ways as the ruling party, party in power at centre, etc.
  4. The CON members completely ignored the deal and launched frontal attacks on the BJP (Subhashini Ali said BJP should find out Asseemanands in its ranks instead of hoisting the national flag).
  5. Arnaub did not check the CON men/women from breaking the deal, which by itself is shocking (see 1)


Do not politicize XYZ =  does not apply to CON.