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New adhoc benefit ; state bears poll expenses for some

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on August 4, 2011

While we are busy analyzing scams, the government is busy with policies that strengthen identities and therefore puts a concrete price for defectors.

See, the UPA Government is proposing to amend the Representation of Peoples Act 1951 – among the various items are debarring criminals and state funding for select people.  But like anything else there must be specific adhoc benefits in everything. This news item was on the Times print edition but is missing from the online version.

New Delhi: In a big move to keep criminals out of the political arena, the government is planning to amend the law to disqualify those who have been accused of heinous offences and against whom trial courts have framed charges.
   The proposal, assembled from the recommendations of former law minister Veerappa Moily, also has a provision to fund the election expenses of women candidates from the Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes/OBC communities, whose annual income is less than Rs 5 lakh and family assets less than Rs 22 lakh.

Source : Times of India Print Edition Aug 3 2011 Front Page.

Now there is no rhyme or reason why a woman earning less then 5 Lakh and assets < 22 Lakh from the other communities cannot get the same benefits. This is yet another egregious example of unnecessary discrimination.  Herein lies the secret of Indian democracy and why we fail to get out of third world status.



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