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The unasked question about manual scavengers

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on August 14, 2011

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From time to time, the plight of the manual scavengers are shown to us on Television or Print. One wonders whether the purpose is merely to shock viewers and demonstrate the intractability of the problem. This time CNN-IBN is telling us about the practice in Kolar, Karnataka.

“No one is ready to give us work. I have four children, what do I do? I don’t have money to fix the roof in the rains. My children will also become manual scavengers,” Geetha said.

Source: CNN IBN

Reality Check says : No, your children must be placed on the primary social justice platform.

Here is something no one will talk about. Hopefully it will shock a couple of readers to a greater extent than the practice itself.

What if I say the manual scavengers  are just one of the victims of adhocim that passes off as social justice.

Allow me to explain.

1. India has a primary social justice platform in the form of political, educational, and employment based quotas.

2. Nightsoil cleaners (manual scavengers) are the poster children for “socially aware” groups, NGOs, some bloggers. Their existence (as pathetic as it is) is almost always cited as the other side of the equality argument.

One can ask there are hundreds of Brahmin poor but none of these poor are engaged in manual scavenging. What is the merit of one particular community in doing this work?

Source – Counter Currents :

3. If they arent able to find a place on the social justice platform – in this case the Scheduled Castes quota – this is the severest possible indictment of the setup. The astonishing policy of not measuring the beneficiaries has absolutely crushed these people.

4. Even those who support them want them to be placed somewhere outside the primary platform.  For example : They want training programs, loans, rehabilitation – anything but monitoring of beneficiaries on the primary platform.

So countrymen, this Independence Day seek this :

Freedom from adhocism

The next time some media house struts these programs, ask the question no one asks : Who is responsible for letting down this community for 60+ years ?  Why was their progress and position on the social justice platform never measured ? How many other communities are there like this ? See my earlier post on the Arunthatiyars (Victims of data less social justice find a saviour).  I personally know bands of people employed by various panchayats in TN specifically to handle trash.  They live in tents on the periphery and NO their kids dont use RTE to go to school.

They are the true lost children of this country.

Social engineered out of the very system which uses them as its Raison d’être.


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  1. siddharth said, on February 6, 2012 at 1:50 pm

    it is very sad and hopless

  2. […] fight for reservations only on falsifiable criteria so it benefits society. Even though I have never failed to point out the plight of the really backward. I dare them. The beauty is once the clamour […]

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