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Introduction to Gandhigiri

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on August 24, 2011

Img from : NYT AFP

Till recently Gandhigiri was the purest form of protest.  Now it is blackmail.

Look at what Anna Hazare himself thinks about it being blackmail.

Many people have accused him of blackmailing the government through his fast, we asked. “Yes, so?” he shot back. “As long as I’m alive and as long as it benefits the people, I’ll keep blackmailing the government. What’s the problem?” he chortled gleefully.

Source : Times of India


Deal with it.


I’d also like my readers to check out Vinod Sharma‘s excellent take on the protests. Refreshing to read about the protests and not getting caught up in a discussion on merits of the bill.

The media – honorable exceptions apart – is being compelled to cover Anna; for the first time, it is following, not leading a campaign. Even more importantly, for the first time, people are not being influenced by the propaganda regularly unleashed by ‘experts’ and shallow, opinionated anchors who have held sway till now: the fast-growing web of social media is their new voice, one that will only grow louder. In fact so stung are some media stars by the almost brutal manner in which they have been sidelined, and their ‘Radia’ agenda lit up, that they have refused to cover this unfolding of history from Ground Zero right outside their doorstep.


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