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RTI activist killed but

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on July 4, 2012

53 year old  RTI activist Mr Rajmohan Chandra was brutally hacked to death yesterday in Tiruvannamalai, a temple town in Tamilnadu.

Police officials said it was a pre-planned murder. The assailants intercepted Chandra and sprayed chilli powder on his face. The gang then hacked him with a sharp weapon, killing him on the spot. “A deep cut was found on his throat and cheek. He died on the spot,” said a police officer. The deceased was also carrying a knife along with him for his safety, he added.

Source : NIE

But what is curious about news reports on RTI deaths these days is an attempt to make sense of these deaths. How can a law the media unanimously hails as groundbreaking spill so much blood ?  In many recent cases, the deceased / injured is sought to be portrayed as someone “pushing it” or “taking enimity with the powerful”.

Sources said Chandra harboured enmity with government officials, politicians and realtors for his repeated complaints, public interest litigation (PIL) cases and petitions against them. It was learnt that he filed PILs and lodged complaints against many police officials in the rank of SP and Deputy Superintendents of Police and even against judges in Madras High Court and Human Rights Commission.

“Chandra had a shady character. He was also imprisoned a year ago relating to a cheating case. There were several cases pending against him,” a police officer said, adding, “He used to file petitions for his personal benefits and also make money assuring innocent people that he will help them in civil disputes.”

If he made enemies with the police and courts, it is not inconceivable that cases against him were a reaction to his activism.  Does it mean Mr Rajmohan Chandra  is the ideal RTI activist until he makes enemies ?  Isnt this was the RTI was supposed to encourage ?

But there is a story of hope even in this depressing murder.

All information sought by Mr Rajmohan will now be revealed suo moto by the authorities on a website no less.

CIC said if it received “a complaint regarding the assault [on] or murder of an information seeker, it will examine the pending RTI applications of the victim and order the concerned department(s) to publish the requested information suo motu on their website as per the provisions of law.”

Source : Morbid clause in RTI

THAT should teach the murderers a lesson.

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