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Analysis of PG Medical (MD , DM, Diploma, MCh) incl Surgical 2015-16

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Continuing on the Tamilnadu Medical data story, here is the situation in Post Graduate Medical in various colleges in TN. For sake of convenience I have only analyzed colleges with greater than 10 PG positions including surgical and super specialty.

Key Findings

  • Stanley, Kilpauk, Coimbatore have ZERO students from open category
  • There are only EIGHT PG doctors from general category that will graduate in this batch of nearly 300.
  • As quotas are applied at successive stages – they have a cumulative effect.
  • Unless a judicial doctrine of scrutiny is evolved, this will continue. Remember that any change today – will impact doctors only in 2023 to 2025.
TOTAL PG Unreserved OBC BC-Muslim Most BC (MBC) SC SC-A
Madras Medical College 103 4 41 3 30 18 7
Stanley 36 0 17 1 12 4 2
Kilpauk 23 0 12 2 4 5 1
Madurai 41 1 22 2 10 6 0
Thanjavur 28 1 17 1 4 5 * 0
Coimbatore 23 0 14 0 4 5 0
Annamalai 38 2 9 0 12 13 0
TOTAL 292 8 132 9 76 56 10
100% 2.7% 45.2% 3.1% 26.0% 19.2% 3.4%

* includes ST

Source : Data on – I’ve uploaded the raw data for others to analyze because the link may disappear after counselling.  To see the data click pg  (PDF)

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  1. Karthick said, on June 10, 2016 at 8:36 pm

    Just stumbled on ur blog while randon googling…mindblown sir/madam..u have more info here abt our complex education admission system than probably all thinktanks put together…like a one man anonymous thinktank, I am addicted to ur blog.

    Anyway this way the piece which drew my attention bcoz this is like my field ( I am a doctor).

    The reason for this skew (only 6 GCs) is not just bcoz of d cumulative effect of applying quotas in PG despite having already done so at UG. This is obviously the source of d problem.

    Couple of factors exacerbate it,

    1) TN govt (for it’s 50% state quota) uses a rotational basis (called communal roster method) for each speciality in each college when seats cannot be equally divided by applying reservation & odd number of seats remain.

    ie if a specialty has 5 seats then 1OC 1BC 1MBC 1SC/ST + 1 seat will be rotated every year b/n GC, BC, MBC, SC/ST
    (this is reservation +, so total reservation is actually 69% + communal roster, as GC u will get oly a one in 4 chance ie once in 4 years for some seats so actual quota exceeds 69%.

    2) Bcoz of dis lot of GCs dont write the state exam as total no. seats open to them under GC (under 50% state quota) is very few & it is not worth preparing for a separate exam for few seats. So of TN GC MBBS candidates only a minority even write the exam forget getting selected.

    3) Plus u also have service quota (50% out of the 50% state quota) which means tat cumulative effect is not just at 1 level but 2 levels. UG + service. ( so most OCs again dont join service + another disincentive for service is u will never get promoted. ( anecdotally most HODs in my college belong to SC community ). + this service quota functions like a “reservation quota” within the 50% state quota, ie a service quota candidate can take seats from open 50% quota if he is meritorious. (which means service quota exceeds 50%,

    4) of the remaining 50% non-service quota , apply reservation 69% reservation + communal roster.

    5) and also service quota candidates also get +10 points in their marks in addition to the 50% quota.

    So if u add 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 it leads to almost 100% reservation..:). It s miracle that even 8 GC students got through this…:)

    (sir/madam one suggestion pls start a Facebook page under realitycheck india, you will have more reach, I see you have a twitter handle but FB reach is 10x twitter as only politically active ppl are on twitter) ,

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