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Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on October 22, 2019

PM Narendra Modi recently created a flutter with this tweet


First, it is never a good idea for a Prime Minister to mainstream such pseudo facts.   If you do it for one group, you must also do it for some other  group who may have a claim of their own.  Iterated enough times,  the bottom support structures such as respect for facts, evidence, counter claims, falsifiability  go out the window.  These are replaced by fantasy (like Lemuria),  feelings, faith, belief.  Initially whoever makes the most vehement claims will get that granted. Next, whoever can back up the vehemence with violence will get that granted.

If there are no external effects, then you just laugh it off or grant the recognition.  For example let me just pull out the absurdity to illustrate  : I insist Lex Luthor was not a villain  but tricked by the cunning  Superman.  You can just say “OK , Lex Luthor is the real hero” – matter ends there. I build a monument for Lex Luthor.  It has no external effects.

Now , say If  I can somehow mix that in with a #IOI political issue and then rally the people, then  it is a different game. You no  longer have an innocent single strand – you have an entire range of  strands. Some strands  just seek a recognition of Tamil , but there are hard core knights mixed in there too.  If you just let  the issue simmer , the knights can rally the other strands.   In normal societies, this issue would never rise to this level.  In Tamilnadu, the media power of the Dravidians is very deep and the masses are wide eyed and gullible.  There is really no one preventing Tamilians from innovating , researching, developing, creating in Tamil.   This entire issue is a creation of the knights who have a much deeper agenda.

Political Tamil is the utilization  of the  Tamil language as a source of political identity and action [1]  The powers use the language to imagine something , however absurd or extreme it may appear,  then use that to transform the society in line with that imagination.  They can revise history and even paint the entire arc of Tamil history as a period of shame and Tamil Brahmin hegemony.  Can you now insist on a fact check for  this?  When you have not fact checked the original claim?

Like all political ideologies, political Tamil concerns itself with the infidel more than itself. In this case the enemy is Sanskrit.   In fact, they really wanted Modi to say “Tamil is older than Sanskrit” rather than the more easily rebuttable   “Tamil is the oldest language in the world” .

So, Did Modi do the right thing ?

It depends, does he have the energy to go all the way. Here is how Political Tamil will respond in the coming days.

  1. Move to step 2 :   PM himself has said – put this in NCERT books
  2. Introduce Tamil as official language nationwide
  3. Dont merely say “Tamil is oldest language” also say “Sanskrit is dead”. This is the external effect that Modi must guard against. Remember the Tamil anthem’ original words “ஆரியம்போல் உலகவழக்கழிந் தொழிந்து சிதையாவுன் சீரிளமைத் திறம்வியந்து செயல்மறந்து…” (unlike Sanskrit which is Aryan language and is dead and not in use Tamil is in still fresh) This antipathy to Sanskrit has deep roots in Dravidian rhetoric for over 100 yrs.
  4. As a Political Action — there could be some agenda items like NEET , Sterlite,  Rajiv assassins release couched as Tamil items.   “If you say you love Tamizh, then how come you are imposing NEET on Tamizh people”.  The usage of first person plurals like “We Tamils ”   can be very effective. This can give the feeling that Tamils have a single view of every issue and that is the Dravidian view.  If not, they cannot be Tamils.
  5. Beyond this petty humiliation there is nothing really ..  no TN leader even sends their kids to Tamil medium.

You can hold the line by merely refusing to put these in text books unless more evidence is available. The other political items can be laughed at.   The key is to go this far but no further.

There are some advantages here

  1. You engage with the Political Tamil.  This was missing earlier. Hence they were able to use their deep propaganda networks to deeply communicate that  BJP as anti Tamil language itself. “Look they cant even say a nice word about Tamil”
  2. By acknowledging Tamil  – you have separated one strand at least.  Those who just seek a recognition.  Those who now seek to move to step 2 ; i.e disparage Sanskrit can be easily spotted.  The knights  will have to redo their approach without being spotted.


The final offensive move would be to turn the tables on the Dravidians and demand a Tamizh commitment check of their own. Demand that the entire Tamizh spectrum from Tevarams, Periyapuranam, Kamba Ramayanam, Tiruppukazh, Barathi,  be taught in schools and Tamil made compulsory till 8th.  Of course, Christians and Muslims can have their own options. This ironically is the demand of several  Tamilnadu  RSS and Hindu Munnani leaders for long.  Tamil is a natural language for Hindus (ok Saivites, Vaishnavites, Sittars,)   Sri Lanka does this with no problems.

Then , It will be game on


(PS: None of this is necessary is you simply do the #core agenda. Particularly #core3 in TN. I am writing this post as a non-core response)



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