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Anatomy of a typical Dravidian-Tamil hate campaign this time against Marwadis

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on July 13, 2021

On July 5, 2021. Tamilnadu Police DGP Mr C Sailendra Babu IPS issued a stern warning that speech will be policed strictly and action will be taken when social media speech contains content that ‘create enmity between groups’ referring to IPC Sections 153A.

Herein lies a secret of the Dravidian ideology. The magic that underpins the socio-economic-political superstructure of Tamilnadu. See, defacto these provisions are not applied to Dravidians who are free to promote in the most blood curdling way hatred against groups. Their old target of hatred the Tamizh Brahmin is occasionally supplemented by Marwadis or North Indians. The trick is the same – use a propaganda network to fuel hate message against a group with incessant canards, speculations, stereotypes, accusations then use that churn to promote a ruling class as a saviour group. As MSS Pandian said ‘harvesting the tempest’. It is my contention that if IPC 153 is applied uniformly and by an outside force – then the Dravidian movement loses its foothold instantly.

With that intro behind us, lets look at an anatomy of a typical Dravidian hate campaign.

Today I woke up to the hashtag #மார்வாடிகளை_பனியாக்களை_புறக்கணிப்போம் ( see it is Tamil you cant read : it says “Let us boycott Marwadis and Baniyas ) using a troll army which consists of true believers, content generators , repeaters, and amplifiers the backend elite trend these types of campaigns.

First of all, call to boycott a particular community using a pretext or a canard, should be either illegal or it should induce a saturation wave of disapproval from ‘liberal intelligentsia’ however neither of this happens in Indian transactional jurisprudence called Idea of India. The majesty of the state bows meekly like a coward to even minor threats of organized violence in response to speech. Supplying the excuses justifying its cowardice and derilection of duty.

The perpetual motion machine

So how does the Dravidian machine work so beautifully ? These are the factors :

  1. Usage of Tamil : the discourse and the messaging happens in Tamil only. This means reporting such hate content to social media like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube dont have the effect. Second, non-Tamil Indians do not understand and generally the curiosity factor to find out is missing.
  2. Elite keep at arms length : the hate message substrate has the non-intuitive effect of establishing an elite ruling class. These are few but powerful anchors and rulers in contemporary Tamil non-brahmin society found in the petit-bourgeoisie and the ruling classes. They dont RT or engage directly with these campaigns but do not disapprove either. They cannot disapprove of the very waves that keep them in power. They just watch from the sidelines with a smile marvelling at the beauty of their creation.
  3. Social justice hijack : Hate content starting from the earliest days of the Dravidian movement has sought to hide behind the figleaf of ‘social justice’. What is the difference between reparations and revenge? Why do you need hate messaging for social justice for the downtrodden when there are constitutional and legal provisions for direct equity? The cardinal error of India is to humor social justice claims from privileged classes like the Dravidian Non-Brahmin elites of the justice party. See, if social justice claims come from below they can be addressed by reservations or special economic help, but social justice from above can only be rooted in Hate and Insecurity of being made. Outed.
  4. Speech Exception : Hate speech including implicit and explicit calls to violence against Tamil Brahmins has long been established as an acceptable conduct in Tamilnadu. The #Core principle is against exceptions because if some strain of ideology gets an exception from a general application of law then that ideology will eventually become the King. How do you prosecute a Dravidian hate speaker today if their entire pantheon of leaders like Perliyar, Annathurai, Gurusamy speak in the same manner but many of them have Universities named after them?
  5. Calibration: The real power of such hate speech lies in delivering authority to a ruling elite. In order to do that, the ruling elite must have it under control at all times. It is a push-pull. They push hate messaging from the bottom and then pull in more authority from the top. One can find that many such campaigns hate a spike pattern – they erupt almost on command, peak to a crescendo, and then immediately vanish once the objectives are met. The objective generally is defamation or demonisation of a group, however it can also be to go one up on political opponents. The Pollachi mass rape surge is an example of a spike campaign.

Now lets get back to the campaign today : I had to invest a few hours on this today because the outside world need to knowr

I only considered accounts greater than 500 followers, or those with extreme violence. I translated them into English.

Some key accounts

Mr Varavanai Senthil is a senior journalist with Kalaignar TV. Mr Isai_ is a very senior member of DMK IT wing. Accounts such as these form the intrepid layer of the propaganda with direct connections with the back end.

Here are some tweets with the translations of the trending hashtag ( Lets boycott Marwadis and Baniyas #மார்வாடிகளை_பணியாக்களை_புறக்கணிப்போம்).

The pretext

Hate campaigns always require an immediate pretext. If could be as minor as some slight or insult or even a feeling of being insulted by an individual belonging to the target group. In this case I found the following two pretexts

A tweet exposing a Tiruppur garment factory for only considering Hindi speakers

A tweet used as a pretext .. hate campaigns need an immediate pretext.
Involvement of some North Indian BJP members in the Kongu Nadu (separate state) demand.

Hall of fame

Some samples of the trending campaign today (as we speak Jul-13-2021)

In Coimbatore, those in business are majority north indians. None of them keep proper accounts they dont pay taxes to the Tamilnadu government. Everything is without bill. Therefore Tax Dept through separate official must be appointed for Coimbatore and revenues must be multiplied for government. (appeal to Dravidian Finance MInister PTR Madurai)
From Hindi speaking people shops we will stop buying goods. Any type of business from North Indians we should not have anything to do – we will take this pledge.
Friends. Coimbatore RS Puram (Rathinasapapathy Mudaliar Puram) name change to “Rajasthan Sangh” puram.. do you want this? In Chennai Sowcarpet “Soundaravalli puram” do you want this change? Think. Graphic below says “Tamilnadu business only for Tamilians
Those North Indians living in Tamilnadu , we must revoke their voting rights
Whether it is 10 rupees Pani Poori or 1 Lakh electronics , we should never buy from a Hindi speaker shop. stop. Any type of business dealing we will not have with North Indias let us pledge (Observe the chain copy paste tweet .. you can see the content creators and amplifiers at work)

Here DMK IT Wing Deputy Gen Secy promoting this content on the sly (without the hashtag)

Looks like , Kongu Nadu = Marwadi Pradesh. ( Linking to a FB Post by another Dravidian stock Vaa Manikandan who spreads fear over Marwadi business domination)

Example of deep hate – a pathological variety

The following illustrates the true criminal passion of the Dravidian-Tamil. Watch closely.

an account kind of innocently tweets that he got master health checkup because he crossed 40 and he has do go under a periyar door (–> see the picture .. closely,)
(Did you see the previous picture) This Dravidian-Stock with nearly 5,000 followers takes that picture, crops two hapless north indians waiting at the hospital for treatment and says “In Tamilnadu there appears to be no place where these people are not there” then the #boycottMarwadiBania tag in Tamil
Boycott Tamizh Brahmins (paapaan) also .. ( D stock staying anchored)
In Tamilnadu those doing politics in name of Hindu when they say buy from Hindu shops .. they are only doing that to promote Marwadis and Baniyas ( observe closely how he links the two — you demonize one group and then you link your opponent to that group. This isnt possible without the 153,295 defacto waiver given to Dravidians)
In Coimbatore most of the electronics hardware shops are run by Marwadis. Tiles and Marbles whose control you can investigate. Erode and Salem too they are good numbers ( this is a clip from Facebook, he is saying “clearly explained” .. how? )
From Tamilians derived business Gujaratis and Rajasthanis why? it should go (Notice he used a graphic template to put that slogan “Tamilnadu is turning into Marwadi nadu)

An actual assault

An actual assault and a flawed legal perspective

One of the arguments lawyers use with me in free speech context is “but no one got physically harmed” ? It is a tempting line to take if you ignore that assaults can be verbal too. Here is a slippery slope – how do you quantify the assault while adjudicating whether or not the speech incited?

North Indian Youth gets kickings and beatings

Near Palladam in private apartment complex nearby he was suspiciously observing houses and roaming. The north indian youth was captured by locals? tied to a tree and beaten. This caused commotion in that area. Police investigating.

Now here is the legal threshold issue.

After all just one youth got beaten? Can you jail ALL those who made the incitement speech just because ONE person got thrashed? Was the incitement specific – did it point out Palladam ? or that Apartment or that person? Very similar to Periyars speeches and hundreds of Tamizh Brahmins who were assaulted and their sacred thread and tuft ripped off (Mr EVR himself proudly admitted in his Pattukottai speech)

Indian jurisprudence is underdeveloped but it is because our intellectuals are sold and are found wanting. The #Core principle is clear – UNIFORMITY is the higher principle. If you allow one type of hate speech the equal must be alliowed in the opposite direction. Now I know this is hard to maintain because those in power (like the Dravidians) have prosecutorial discretion and police discretion. That is where the intellingentsia must rain down hard on them and pull the cloak of acceptability.

Now see how how the Dravidians are rejoicing at .. “Hindi speaking dogs “

Every single Hindi speaking dogs we must skin and skin and skin them. . how dare you ask Kondu Nadu. (the graphic shows an incident where a North Indian was thrashed, this Dravidian-Stock handle is exulting at that )

But there are so many Marwadis

For a moment think about it. Imagine if such an open call to enforce a boycott of Muslims and Christians was to be promoted by a ruling party. How do you think the bogus liberal intelligentsia in India and USA and Kings India London will explode! Yet Dravidians are given this freedom, Why? Is it in the national interest to delve deeper ?

Here is a FB Post that has been used as a base material, like a pretext. Written by a dravidian claiming to be Vaa. Manikandan. Let us translate and see what it says.

In Coimbatore, most of electronics, hardwars shops are run by Marwadis only. Tiles, Marbles who controls you can investigate. Erode, Salem good quantity business run by them only. In Tiruppur, the less said the better. In Kongu (W.TN) area in many constituencies North Indians are 5000+ votes. Why that much? In marriages, Beeda Stall and Ice Cream are controlled by them. For politics some AIADMK friends are asking Kongu Nadu for whom they should know. our next generation even if we dont do good, we should not harm.

You can see how absurd this is. The only charges leveled against that group is over representation. Why arent Tamilians able to compete with them despite being in 100% majority and having 100% political and government power. Even when Tamizh Brahmins are expelled to create the first ever 100% non brahmin assembly and parliament delegation. Are Dravidian-Tamils ( I am a Non-Dravidian-Tamil) inferior in some manner? That is the upshot of this. Dravidians also take advantage of the inherent niceness of other people. For example. Bangalore is flooded with Dravidians who migrated there for jobs. (A separate post on what this entails in terms of social churn is for later study). Does any other ruling party talk like this about Muslims, Christians, or Chettiars, Mudaliyars? Do not ignore this Dravidian-Tamil exceptionalism.

Stopping here and why am I supporting Marwadis and Hindis

Now imagine there are hundreds of tweets like this – it is only a few hours. By end of day you can imagine thousands of such tweets all over Twitter. It is a black and white case of 153 — all these must be jailed.

Now, I consider myself as a primary adversary of Dravidian ideology because I happen to belong to a Tamizh group that is the primary target. We have complained about one Dravidian ideologue Mr Karu Palanaiappan known for his hate mongering to Zee TV. He has a show in Zee Tamil. The Marwadis DID NOT RECIPROCATE my support. The Agarwals and Chandras in Zee probably just threw our complaint into the dustbin. And the Sterlite are likely to do business with Dravidians and laugh at me. Then why did I do this long post? I am not supporting the Marwadis as a group here, rather showing the world how a saturation hate campaign can shape group behaviour and by that politics and economy. In this instance they are the target of a hate campaign, hence I am on their side. My primary goal will always be deep study of the Dravidian methods.

My primary aim is to reach the “reasonable individual” not groups behaving strategically.


3 Responses

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  1. dagalti said, on July 13, 2021 at 9:53 am

    Typically good work from you collating the mentions of the well-followed handles.
    Is it reaching folks outside of TN?

    This gentleman is pretty high-up in the DMK IT Wing

    Again, what is absolutely galling is – these guys get to call themselves progressives.

    How is this ANY different from ‘முஸ்லிம் கடையில் வாங்காதே’ type sloganeering of Hindutva outfits?
    The guys who are able to call that out as bigotry which ought to have no place in a modern society, maintain an ugly silence on this. Heck, even the words are the same I say!

    The problem isn’t just the sloganeers but how it has passed without creating the slightest flutter in TN SocMed which always has its antannae up for such matters.

    One tweet I read mentioned பூர்ஷ்வா பனியாக்கள் LOL
    பச்சை Bigotryக்கு class-struggle semantics ஒரு கேடாடா.

  2. realitycheck said, on July 13, 2021 at 11:02 am

    >> The problem isn’t just the sloganeers but how it has passed without creating the slightest flutter in TN SocMed which always has its antannae up for such matters.

    The elites and literary types are super plugged in to this hate stream. They just dont reveal it on their TL. if a sangi said something 1/10th as harsh, they would descend. That cheating. That janus faced trickster behavior of the elite and petty bourgeoisie is very similar pattern to Sartre’s characterisation of the Anti-Semite. They have a passion for this stuff. They may also have a passion for Thi-Ja or Sujatha or Bharathi. That is a separate passion.

    As I said :
    “They dont RT or engage directly with these campaigns but do not disapprove either. They cannot disapprove of the very waves that keep them in power. They just watch from the sidelines with a smile marvelling at the beauty of their creation.”

  3. […] had written about a trend they had started a few days back […]

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