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Recurring theme of prostitutes in Dravidian ideological source material

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Tamilnadu is rocking now after the former Union Minister Mr A. Raja made a speech saying as long as Tamils stay hindus they will be treated as sons of prostitutes. TN BJP leader Annamalai shared this

Within the Tamil sphere the Dravidians have near total control of the discourse. Using a technique of gifts and barbarian management they manage to buy or squelch any dissent.

The prostitute motif is a such a fundamental motif in Tamil language original source material of Dravidian ideology. I shared a video as well.

However English books on Dravidian ideology are hard to come by. A few days back I was able to find a publication in English called “The Collected Works of Thanthai Periyar EV Ramasami – published in 2007 by Dr K. Veeramani under the Periyar Self Respect Propaganda Institution” Hence it is official.

The book is available on Archive at this link

This post is an effort to document the centrality of the Dravidian technique

  • Use of Ad-nauseam repetition of Tamilians are Shudrans are Tevudiya Mavan (Prostitutes Son)
  • Ignoring all reason and evidence that the elite in Tamilnadu are NonBrahmins the same Prostitutes sons as per their insistence
  • Incite the masses with ‘are you going to keep quiet he called your mother ..’
  • Link this stigma , which they themselves create, to the continuation of Tamils in the Hindu fold and offer a peace deal. Move out of HInduism – you are no longer called that.

English loses a lot of the raw vulgarity of Tamil, but I want to document in this post how prevalent and fundamental this theme is to the survival of the Dravidian ideology.

So far as god is concerned we find the Christians and Muslims, somewhat
reformed from the olden days of barbarians. They say that there can be only
one god. They say that it is beyond human comprehension. They say that god
does good to those who are good and punishes those who are bad. They say
that god has no name or shape. They talk of good qualities. We need not
worry about their god. Wise people accept their gods because they feel that
their god would serve the purpose of creating a better society. What about
Hindus and their thousands of gods created by Brahmins.? Why should
Hindus worship so many gods? How did they come? See what are all made
as gods! From cow, horse, bullock, monkey, bandicoot, stone, birds, metals,
paper, all are deemed as gods. When I was in Kasi (Varanasi in North India –
a holy town for Hindus), I saw two dogs being worshipped. Moreover gods
have wives, concubines, and prostitutes. These gods are believed to eat, sleep
and reproduce. They also have marriages and funerals.
Let them attribute anything to these gods. Kidnapping girls, gods
enjoying with prostitutes are celebrated as festivals. Crores of rupees are
wasted for these. The precious time of the people is wasted. Think over,
whether all these are things to be done in the 20th Century.

One God of Chrstians and Muslims – Page 56

while talking Manu

Is there a country where the people of the land are termed as the sons of
prostitutes? Is there a place where the toiling masses of the land are degraded

Manu Dharma Code of Injustice to NON-Brahmins – Page 87

long rant about Brahma Urvashi Prostitute etc

ld not leave it. He went straight to the
bush. The female bear yielded to Brahma. God Brahma enjoyed with the
bear, and a human being with the head of a bear was born. He is called Jambu
Vandan, the son of Brahma.
(12) The Brahma met Urvasi, a prostitute. He was much moved by her
beauty. He wooed her and made an agreement. Accordingly after enjoying
her, he left the semen extracted from the womb
of his daughter padma and
left in the womb of Urvasi. The child born was named Vasistan. After
performing all these increditable acts, god Brahma transferred his powers to
Vasistan and went away to perform penance.

Page 90

Repeating the nonbrahmins are nothing but Sons of Prostitutes point over and over refer to Vaikom

You were ruled by a Rajah, whereas we
were citizens of the British Government. Yet we are all “Sudras.” (Heirs of
We Dravidians were subjected to humiliation by the Brahmins. It
was the outcome of the hoax played on us, we continue to be “Sudras”.

25th and 26th Dec.1958 Speech in Kanyakumari referece to Vaikom Page 106


We are called Sudras (sons of prostitutes) by Brahmins. Why should our
sons be called sons of prostitutes? No one thinks of this disgrace. Those who
survive in politics do not care about it. They implicitly obey and submit to
what all the Brahmin says.

p 118

pervereted reading of Hindu Purana allegories as “prostituting”

Consider for a moment what these’ Azhwars’ have done. They attained
‘Moksha’ by prostituting their wives
. This is revealed in the ‘Purana’- Baktha
Vijayam. One ‘Sudra’, an Azhwar, gained a place in heaven by allowing his wife to
lead the life of a prostitute
. The Nayanmars gave their wives to Brahmins.
Even to this day the orthodox people propagate these things without shame or
self-respect. When I point out these things, I am accused of talking

p 119

canard that Constitution enshrines the Nonbrahmins are prostitutes sons

. Today the
government is in the hands of Brahmins, who call us as sons of prostitutes
(Sudras). That is why they have easily found safeguards in the Constitution
itself. According to law those who demand castes to be abolished have to be
prepared to undergo imprisonment for three years.

According to Hindu law we are ‘ Sudras’
for more than 3000 years. We are sons of prostitutes for over 3000 years. Our
Constitution gives full protection to this evil.

p 119

In 1943 pleading to support the British because Brahmins called ‘his group’ prostitutes sons

According to Hindu law we are ‘ Sudras’
for more than 3000 years. We are sons of prostitutes for over 3000 years. Our
Constitution gives full protection to this evil.

Call to youth in Trichy 21-2-1943, p 122

Ramayana and Periyapuram are about Prostitution says Draviidan movement

Even as Ramayana is considered to be an epic by Hindu Vaishnavites, the
Hindu Saivites consider Periyapuranam as their epic. One cannot easily state
that there is anything to be learnt by the people. Indiscipline, prostitution and
things devoid of self respect abound, in these epics

Unwise Literatures , p 130

deep and obscene literal perverted interpretation about Semen which as allegories in Murugan

The birth of Rama is an absurdity. He was born to the Brahmins who
performed ‘Yaga’. The birth of Kandan is still worse. When the semon of
Paramasivan fell down, the earth was not able to bear it. So it was directed
towards sea. Kandan was born there.

p 130

Notice how cleverly the Dravidians follow up the enraging prostitute canard with call to violence

Would any one agree to part away with his wife, just because a poet has excelled in
his imagination? How could anyone emulate the example set by the devotees.
Should not such men be beaten black and blue?

p 130

Feminist Dravidian males saying prostitutes are evil max

A prostitute or a thief does not think about the interests of the general
public. The actors and producers are also like that.

On Cinema , p135

Mettupalayam 1971 – again driving the Hindu = Shudra = Sons of Prostitute

We are called “Shudras”. “Shudra” means the son of a prostitute. When
we ask how, they say Sastras say so, or someone said so, and god said so long

p 165 – Speech deliverd by Mr EV Ramaswamy (Periyar) Mettupalayam

Calling Tamizh brahmins as those willing to prostitute their women to a Reddiar minister who is also son of prostitute.

He told me his status in life is that of a minister. He replied that he is a Reddiar by caste. Stating the caste as Reddy, Gounder, Naidu, Naicker are all names we have created. But according to shastras, religion and tradition we are all “Shudras” the fourth caste. This continues to exist from a
long time. We have started the movement to crusade against this long lasting disgraceful status. After that I asked him what is meant by “Shudra”.

I myself explained to him that “shudra” means the son of a prostitute.Then I continued to speak to him. I said, “You have high degree of education. You have passed B.A., B.L., You were a minister for three years. Again you are a now a minister. You are still a “Shudra” the son of a prostitute. You are not ashamed of your low social status.

You are not ashamed of your low social status. A fellow who begs at you, a fellow who is willing to prostitute his womenfolk for you, calls himself as a high born. You accept him as superior in caste. You prostrate at his feet”

page 168 – Mettupalayam speech Periyar

The Dravidian leader repeating the enraging canard of son of prostitutes and following up with call to action to beat Rama and Krishna with chappals

Should we not ask as to who called us, as Shudras meaning sons of
? Is it your god Krishna? If so where did he say? If it is in Gita,
should we not take our sandals and beat Krishna and Gita?
If you are afraid,
then you live as a Shudra. What if, we beat Rama with sandals?

p 171

beating Rama and Krishna with chappals using the Tamil Hindus are Son of Prostitutes pretext.

Inciting the (largely underclass rural Tamil) crowd

What will be our future, if we do not take the footwear and beat that Krishna. When we
say that he must be beaten with chappals, people get angry. But they do not
get angry when he says that we are born to prostitutes. Are we to agree that
our mothers are all prostitutes?

p 172

Sexual Gods as having many wives and concubines.

(Apart from Prostitutes , the Concubine plays a very important part in Dravidian radical nonbrahmin ideology)

You see how we are made fools. If it is true that god is the embodiment of virtues, how could we see the gods having relations with prostitutes?
Gods Subramania, Shiva, Vishnu, Krishna all are having concubines as
per the Epics! Does anyone ask why they need concubines apart from so
many wives!

p 178

Aggressive and deep – perverted polemical attacks on Hindu Gods. Prostitute this , prostitute that..This is not creative interpretation but perverted interpretation. Arranged to invoke disgust in underclass nonbrahmin Tamils by calling them Dravidians.

The god at Srirangam comes to Uraiyur in search of a
These Brahmins carry the god on their shoulders. They wait for the
whole night. Again in the morning they carry the stone idol back to
Srirangam. This is celebrated as a festival every year. Just like this during
festivals you find the gods going to the houses of prostitutes
. No god could be
considered as having any respect for morality. The character and conduct of
Shiva as well as Vishnu is pictured very badly. Do you think the people could
raise their standards by using these gods? Is there any possibility of having a
society with high moral standards? Should there be a wife and a prostitute for

p 179.

There is always this – Punch with a ‘you are sons of prostitutes’ opening punch and then allow the audience to escape out by ‘why are you still calling yourself a hindu’

Is it not that Ramayana was written by Brahmins to put us to shame and disgrace? Why should we be
called Shudras which means sons of prostitutes? Why should Rama kill the Shudras? In that case why should we call ourselves as Hindus?

Epics – p 183

Prelude to a long and obscene religious attack on ‘birth mythologies of various Hindu Gods like Rama, the Dravidian-Tamils ask if Hindu Goddesses are Prostitutes

You see these Brahmins made Sita a deity to be worshipped. Rama’s character you all know! He was made a god. The Brahmins did not leave with that. They made his wife also a goddess.
What will a foreigner think of us? Would he hesitate to say our gods are
scoundrels? Our goddesses are prostitutes?

p 184

Temple festivals in Tamilnadu are about Prostitutes, prostitutes, and more prostitutes.

Apart from this, every year you have festivals 3 or 4 times. Youths longeagerly to see the girls in the festival times. The girls dress up well and come to temples and festivals to woo the lads. It is their meeting that is called festivals. A few years ago to attract crowds, the prostitutes were invited to the
temples. In a big temple festival, even 100 prostitutes were invited. Every prostitute used to go to the temple festival in her place.

Critque on Temple Festivals – p 190

Twisting (perverting) an allegory from Tamil Bhakti lit – a polemical attack technique

But what about us? We are still worshipping the grinding stone, the idol of lingam as god. We perform marriage to it. We take the idol to the prostitute house.

p 192

THis blog is about cataloging the “prostitute” motif in Dravidian basic literature. Of course these are 10 times that hating on Tamil Brahmins as a group, not an as abstract ‘elite’ construct.

Imagine that the thieves have entered and robbed the valuables of the
dwellers in the house. The owners of the stolen property lodged a compliant
with the police. The police traced the robbers and restored the stolen
properties to the real owners. Supposing the robbers raise a cry and protest
with threats, what would any sensible man think? Are not the Brahmins like
those robbers?

Freedom from Whom : p 221 ( supporting British rule as anti-brahmin)

back to the prostitute meme

In asking for proportional reservation notice how Dravidians cleverly divide into 3% – then 75-80% (periyar calls them sons of prostitutes shudras) then SC/ST (20%) Notice how there is no internal differentiation – the trick here is to rally that as a group and allow the elite inside of that to skim. They dont mind tarring themselves as sons of prostitutes to avail of that.

What is the nature of our country? You have Brahmins, Sudras (the heirs
of prostitutes)
and Panchamas (the Untouchables) as different and distinct

p 221

Opining on nature of marriage ( certainly not scientific basis of pair bonding) simple and crude

There can be no change in it normally.
If anything against it happens and the married couple, either the male or the
female develops love towards a different person, there can be no love at all. It
is called prostitution.
Under no circumstances, it could be accepted as an act
of true love.

Family partnership : p 237

In Russia – pleasure as basis of marriage. no need for prostitutes.

They simply need a partner for pleasure. They desire a partner to spend their leisure time with joy. They seek a partner to satisfy their natural instincts. They live as friends. This is the relationship between a man and a woman there.

They exchange kisses before going to work. If they dislike each other they simply write on a card and place it on the dining table. In it will be written “we willingly lived together happily till today. I do not wish to be so hereafter. Let us part away”. They get separated without any hitch or trouble.
There you cannot find a man who is in love with the wife of someone else.

There is no talk on molesting or raping or eloping. Force is not used for love affairs. This sort of relationship between a man and a woman ensures individuals freedom. Everyone derives perfect contentment. Is this not suitable for the advancement of human society?

There is no justification for the prevalence of prostitution in such a State,

p 238

Opining on Child marriage linking to Hindu Shastraas

Our divine doctrines (Sastras) have proclaimed and still fulminate that
unless girls are married before they are ten years old, the unfortunate parents
will go to hell and the girls themselves exposed to promiscuity or

p 289

Prostitution will be thing of past. Is anyone opposed to Love based on Mutual Freewill.

Technique is to build upon Platitude and Non-Controversy and turn them into controversy.

Prostitution will be unknown, for the simple reason that unemployment
and hunger, which are the principal causes for that evil, will be absent. When
self-respect has attained a certain level, submission to another’s power will
not take place.

p 300 on Love Based on Mutual Freewill

Hindu doctrines turn Tamil NB into son of prostitutes

Where is the need to invite the Brahmin to perform the marriage? In the first place he is not one of the Dravidian people. In the second place he does not consider himself one amongst the people. In the third place he regards himself as belonging to the top caste and the other people as belonging to the
low caste. To follow the Puranas is purohitam. To adhere to the Vedas isVaideekam. In both cases the Dravidian people are treated as Sudras meaning heirs of prostitutes.

p 321

Should there be caste – sons of prostitutes after 2000 yrs

The infamous ‘Varnasrama’ (Casteism system) dharma is still extant in India. The people, who were called Sudras (Sons of prostitutes) 2000 years ago still continue to be called such. Likewise the people, who were Brahmins 2000 years ago are still Brahmins. People born untouchable centuries ago arestill in the same unfortunate condition. Colour, habits, likes and dislikes, caste rules and principles have all changed, but the basis of casteism still continues to thrive on the basis of birth. How is this just? Should the term Sudra, which means progeny of the concubine or prostitute, still continue in
this 20th century?

Should there be caste – p 359

Religion – inciting jealousy and envy using lies. The richest people in Tamilnadu then and now Today are Non Brahmins. Who is ‘enjoying’?

The Brahmins made us Sudras (Sons of prostitutes or concubines) with the help of Sastras (Hindu dogmas) and Puranas (Mythologies). We have accepted the Hindu religion. We have dug tanks, built temples, donated wealth. But who is enjoying? Brahmins only are enjoying.

p 377

If you the Dravidian nonbrahmin elite were so wealthy than has anyone stopped to tell you that the alleged ‘son of prostitute’ either had no impact or is an evil lie.

Who built the tall and the tapering towers? Who painted the gold at the
top? Who set the golden roof for Nataraja? Who built the ‘mandapam’ (Hall)
with 1000 pillars? Who worked hard to build the choultries? Has any
Brahmin given a single pie as donation for any of these, temples, tanks, and
charitable things? When this is the truth, why should we remain as Sudras
(Sons of prostitutes)?

p 381 (God)

Dump that GOd and pray to the other God that is kind and intelligible

Are you seeing the Dravidian segue??

Destroy the god that calls you a Sudra (Son of prostitute or concubine).
Destroy the ‘puranas (Mythologies) and the ‘ithihasas’ (epics) which give
strength to Hindu god. Pray the god that is really kind, good, and intelligible,
if any.

p 385

Yet Dravidians keep saying it over and over again. Brahmins never say it.

The word ‘Sudra’ which means ‘Son of prostitute’ should not find a place
even in the history hereafter. We will not allow it to find a place in the
dictionary or encyclopedia

p 387

Random thoughts on prostitution how to end – easily proved to be crude and childish.The west has all these and that hasnt ended prostitution.

Child marriage is abolished. If there is right to divorce, right for widows
to remarry and if women are now given certain rights, we will not see
prostitution in the country
. It will gradually disappear.

A male has the right to wander about as he pleases. He has the right to
marry any number of girls. This practice has led to prostitution.

p 410

Self respect thoughts

He who does not care for dignity, is no better than a prostitute, however
highly educated he is.

p 428

Miscellaneous thoughts on personal finance

Spending beyond one’s means, falling into debt, inevitably as a consequence, and then resorting to cheating the creditors, is demeaning. Even prostitution is not so bad as this! Worse than prostitution is spending extravagantly, by borrowing and suffering because of it. If one who earns Rs. 30 is a debtor and also one who earns Rs. 1000, what does it mean? He that cannot discipline himself suffers poverty, just as she that cannot control herself becomes a prostitute.

p 462

Deep vulgar attacks on Sita

Not going to go deeper into this. I have a lot of devout fans who might get disturbed. Just a sample

You are no better than a woman monger who lets his wife for hire and
makes his livelihood. You want to be profited by my prostitution.”

Dasaratha persuaded Rama to disregard his (Dasaratha’s) orders and
take possession of the kingdom. He desired all the State’s treasures, the army
and the prostitutes to follow Rama to the forest.

Has anyone wonderered why Dravidian ideology a self declared modern progressive social justice movement to the Non Tamil people engage in such crude tediour vulgar deep and grinding religious attacks. Invariably pornographic in its handling of women.

According to “Ramayana by Valmiki” first verse in Bala Kandam, Chapter 2, “Rama, after sending Sita to the forest reigned the country for ten thousand years. He also made many Aswametha Yagams-vide Uttara Kandam, Chapter 99. It is stated that this verse was interpolated to keep Sita
beyond suspicion. Thus Sita’s pregnancy was found out within a month and
thereafter she was taken to the forest by Lakshmana. While in the forest Sita
showed Lakshmana the formation of her pregnancy and added that it was
four months old. She said to Lakshmana “See my stomach! My pregnancy is
four months old.”

p 490

Forget about everything. Demand and ask why deep and obscene religious attack on Hindu epics and faith is a bedrock of a progressive movement.

Thee Midhi (Fire walking) Dravidians call the women who perform that as prostitutes.

It may appear as superhuman, to hear that she entered the fire-field, but really it
is no wonder because we see even today, even prostitutes treading the fire-
fields during temple festivals
. Not only prostitutes do so, but also rogues and
scoundrels are walking over the fire-field even to-day

p 523

Such documentation efforts are essential to fight back.

I hope others are inspired by my example and read the original source material. Explain it.

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  1. Vijay Vanbakkam said, on September 27, 2022 at 2:27 pm

    You have given the English version of Siriyar’s works. Dravidian ideology gatekeepers easily sanitize and selectively do translation from Tamil to English. In Tamil it will sound more vulgar. They do not take into account speeches, side remarks etc which in Tamil can be more vulgar

  2. Vijay Vanbakkam said, on September 27, 2022 at 2:34 pm

    Do-It-Yourself Inferiority of EVR is ironically known as self-respect movement. Keep pouring mud on yourself and accuse others of pouring the mud

  3. Vijay Vanbakkam said, on September 27, 2022 at 3:28 pm

    i think we shd comppile prostitute refences in EVR’s Tamil writing and speech and publish it in Tamil

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