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Anti-Brahmin tropes amplified at TK Seenivasan event by Tamilnadu Chief Minister Mr MK Stalin

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on November 25, 2022

TK Seenivasan was an old time Dravidian speaker and activist of the Self Respect movement. Dravidians fondly call him “Thatthuva Methai” Philosophical Genius. He is also the father of DMK former RS and LS MP and spokesperson Mr TKS Elangovan.

On 24-11-2022 an event was organized to commemorate the centenary of Mr TK Seenivasan and to release three books on that occasion.

This following speech is from that event.

See at 14:42

Vagrants in search of food came to our land .. their Souls full of cunning ..they destroyed our flower garden..

A chief minister who swore on the constitution speaking about a section of citizens in this manner. Isnt this amazing in 2022??

Subtitled video on my KOO account for Non Tamils

Tropes repeated

It is uncanny how similar Dravidian attacks on Tamizh Brahmins are to the Nazi allegations against Jews. The following tropes are repeated from the highest level. The seniormost Dravidian ideologue today Mr Suba Veerapandian is on stage as well.

  • From some unknown land they came .. ( uprooting and de-linking Tamizh Brahmins the oldest documented group in Tamil lands)
  • In search or food .. (in Tamil they call it பஞ்சம் பிழைக்க those who came in search of food also இறை “Irai” = prey)
  • Tamil land the forest of flowers.. (the Vellala fantasy of a pre TamizhBrahmin egalitarian utopia 3000 yrs ago)
  • Converted into graveyard .. ( they destroyed the pristine casteless zero oppression Tamil society)
  • Not conquered with muscle .. (that is why Aryan Invasion is a problem – it is masculine, hence the DTamils use beggar invasion)
  • But souls filled with cunning .. (accusing TamizhBrahmins of a conniving mind.. their souls are filled with it)
  • Without work at all .. (Tamizh Brahmins do not perform any work but enjoy.. old Dravidian-Tamil-NonBrahmin canard)
  • They enjoy ..(rouse resentment)
  • I do not have to explain to you who that group is (why not? is it manly to insinuate instead )

Uncanny how this is lifted straight from Nazi German accusations against Jews. Very unoriginal.

Isn’t it amazing that such speeches are articulated at the highest levels in a corner of the world. In Tamil.

The following picture shows Mr Suba Veerapandian the mastermind in the black shirt on the right. On the left is Rajya Sabha MP of the Paapaara Naaye (you Brahmin Dog) fame Mr RS Bharthi. Both from the uppermost NonBrahmin elite castes. (Chettiar and Mudaliar) I state the caste names to drive home the point that these privileged castes have NO valid social justice grievance. Hence hate groups emanating from these caste locations must be called out as driven by a criminal passion.


Karu Palaniappan says about the oratory technique — ramble on and on, then swoop down with the punch. In Dravidian speeches the punch line is ALWAYS an anti Brahmin canard. The crowd picks that up and amplifies.

Look at this DMK worker who pounced and clipped the “money” part leaving along the monotonous platitude and trivial incident recalls which form the bulk of the speech.

The full YouTube video is available at the link I shared above – a 1.5Lakh Sub Tamil YouTube channel

Also see

Live broadcast of the anti Tamizh Brahmin speech enabled by Twitter to reach 7000+

The same Twitter which blocked my account using a Tamil language moderator insider who responded to mass reporting. It is still available online.

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  1. Kannan said, on March 11, 2023 at 6:28 am

    Isnt Stalin family the outsiders from Telegu land ? They have brought along with them a hate culture that is not intrinsic to Tamil Nadu. They are spreading their outsider culture of hate in the the land of the Alwars, Nayanmars and in the land of the Vedas. Hope Tamil Nadu wakes up to the hate this dynasty is spreading and kicks them out of electoral reckoning

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