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Negotiating the Tamil drama triangle

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on November 26, 2022

Here is a simple rule Tamizh Brahmins can follow while evaluating choices.

Never ever trust an ally who dismisses the Dravidian ideology as “fringe”. Periyar as fringe, Suba Vee as fringe.

Tamilnadu is not like other states or like the centre. It is the ‘ideological state’. Politics is downstream of ideology. AIADMK and DMK are merely faces that negotiate the ideology. When Non Brahmins talk about AIADMK and DMK while diverting attention from the ideological backend they are trying to negotiate. With whom? With the Indian state. With the world. With the Tamizh Brahmins. With the Dalits. and so on.

Karpman Drama Triangle

A useful psychological model I explored recently was the Karpman Drama Triangle. It is indeed a fantastic model of a destructive human interaction cycle. You can watch the Israeli psychologist Sam Vankin videos on YouTube for more. Or check out the Wiki for an overview.

The three roles in the Triangle are Persecutors > Victims > Rescuers

All roles alternate and have destructive potential. While the triangle does not speak about actual victims (say of a stage-7 genocide) I believe it covers victims in proto stages.

Let me get straight to Tamil society for the last 100 yrs.


The primary persecutors are the Dravidian ideologues who man the powerful propaganda machine. The machine which continuous spews canards, invective, lies, vulgarity, mocking, and despicable stereotypes about Tamizh Brahmins. An example of this today would leading ideologues from non-Brahmin upper castes like Suba Veerapandiyan, Karu Palaniappan, Kantharaj Mudaliar and so on. Next the amplifier passion accounts like Arakkar Periyar, Angry Birdu. Then the vulgar accounts like Jeyachandran, Gopi (Bangalore), Aalthottapoopathi – you never heard of these because you look away. I do not. I took them on – because they are the Persecutors in the triangle. At the outside they fight with words. But their capabilities run deeper and will only impact the vanguards like myself. Jeyamohan has written a good article about the “Ideological movements” in this Tamil post அறிவியக்கம் என்றால் என்ன? The machine that conceives, creates, and transmits an ideology. The contents of the “ideology” can be anything. In case of Tamils it is radical Anti-Brahminism. Political parties are merely tools to get that ideology implemented. As Goebbels famously said “It isn’t our fault if democracy is foolish enough to let us operate from within”


Victims are well known. The Tamizh Brahmins who have been the target of Nazi model propaganda attack from around the same time (early 1920s) that the anti-Semitic propaganda machine was created in Germany. However it is important to also analyze the victim behavior. We should not think like a victim at this stage because then we act like a victim. Acting like victim means relying on the third and most important node – the Rescuer. That is toxic.


The rescuers approaches you with “I am not like the perpetrator” let me help you. This appears fine but when the triangle is placed in an ideological magnetic field it would be very confusing to tell for sure if the rescuer isn’t the same as the perpetrator.

The situation in Tamilnadu is several are presenting themselves are rescuers. There is no question that many of them are well intention ed. But it is also possible that many are merely fishing.

Test of a real rescuer.

Write this down.

A real rescuer will help the victim defend himself.

The victims break out of the Karpman triangle by fighting. Hence FIGHT. By any means possible. It would appear hard and against all odds because the Tamil Dravidians have officially organized as “Non-Brahmins”. That is as the anti-thesis of us. They have total control of all levers in particular the Police and Law. The Indian state is frightened, in cahoots, disinterested, or merely dim. But I hope I have shown that the fight is possible.

The rescuers break out of the Drama Triangle by helping victim self defence and by punishing the perpetrators. Now lets turn to the rescuers who are showing up on Twitter social media many from BJP or AIADMK state unit. Do you see them help the Tamizh Brahmin defend themselves against the Persecutors or do they try to convince us that there are no persecutors, or that the persecutors are fringe. This is the most destructive type of ally. You do not have to rebuke them , be polite but be aware of the dynamics here. Use silly memes like they do when you are needled.

Not to toot my own horn, but I am an example of the victim node who is fighting the persecutors. Till date very very few of these rescuers have helped in any way. These are merely fresh negotiators of the Dravidian ideology. As an aside, the recent Gayathri Raghuram dismissal from BJP. I am not aware of the details of the issue perhaps it was fair punishment. What matters to me is that she was the victim of thousands of abusive vulgar sexist tweets from Dravidian accounts for years. Did ANY of them help her fight or call for punishment of the Dravidian accounts? Did any of them build a dossier of such tweets? I did. That is the level we should operate at. In Tamilnadu – political banter for a Non-Brahmins isnt the same as from a Tamizh Brahmin. Their uncles are DMK district secys and their cousins as AIADMK MLAs. We are OUTSIDE looking in, they are INSIDE looking out.

Are they fishing for psychological benefits “look at me I am not ugly like Arakkar Periyar or BacteriaOffl” but I could be like them in an instant. There is much on offer political benefits, or more darkly rescuing women. After all Periyar himself said that Tamizh Brahmin males hated the British because their women were easily falling for nonbrahmin males. (Viduthalai 21-6-1956)

Once again I emphasise there ARE many genuine well wishers even on my Twitter timeline. This post is about spotting the spurious ones. I hope this post does not offend I am sure will understand.

Simple rules to use in Tamil society

  1. Reject any rescuer who calls the foundation ideology of Tamil society for 100 years as “Fringe”. There deny the very existence of the persecutor.
  2. One of the ways for the persecutor to exit the Triangle is to be punished. Ask the rescuer if they will punish the abusers ? Test the answer.
  3. Observe if these allies ever comment or engage with Dravidian handles or do they always try to engage with Brahmin handles. Trust me I went deep into Dravidian Tamil world – I have NEVER ever seen a single one of these allies there confronting the Arakkars, Vedaalans, Postmoderns.
  4. I had to bat alone in Tamil.

If the BJP state unit is willing to merely be the fresh negotiating face of Dravidian ideology then that is how the BJP will get absorbed into Dravidian-ism. Like the Congress before it.


To be fair these accounts are friends, I hope they do not take this the wrong way. However the pattern is there and I want to explain to them in case they dont realize the harm it is causing. Trying to distract from the ideology which is the central part. He claims hardly anyone knows who Suba Vee is. One who even the CM has repeatedly praised on stage and is responsible for large scale Dravidan workshops across the state.

I operate at a deeper level in Tamil, how likely is it that I would be distracted? But there are many who would be. Also they can inform New Delhi (India) not to pay attention to me – since I am fighting the irrelevant fringe. Therein is the danger for us. The Perpetrators are given cover.

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  1. Vijay Vanbakkam said, on November 26, 2022 at 5:07 pm

    \ I have NEVER ever seen a single one of these allies there confronting the Arakkars, Vedaalans, Postmoderns.\. True.

  2. Vijay Vanbakkam said, on December 3, 2022 at 3:11 pm

    Simple rules to use in Tamil society
    Reject any rescuer who calls the foundation ideology of Tamil society for 100 years as “Fringe”. There deny the very existence of the persecutor.
    See this post “பிராமண உயிர்கள் ”
    FB poster called Sridhar gives extensive justification for anti brahmin graffiti in JNU . This is the kinds of kinds allegedly ‘progressive’ mouthing all the woke slogans keep justifying every ethnic hatred in India

    He calls the foundation ideology of Tamil society for 100 years as “Fringe”, not to be taken seriously.

  3. […] have mentioned in my “Drama Triangle” post – the ally archetype is a dark negative character if he does not empower the […]

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