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Tamil Dravidian intellectuals and EWS anti-Brahmin spin

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on November 30, 2022

It never fails to amaze me how a people can so willingly reject reason and adopt the bad faith. As a group. With no outside pressure. Out of their own free will.

Have I shared this vile Anti-Brahmin cartoon from the Tamils (Dravidian) on my Twitter account?

The artist name signed in Tamil is சித்ரன் (Chitran 2.0) This cartoon is widely circulated in Tamil social media. IT shows a stereotypical fat Tamil brahmin drinking from a large class which is already full while the skinner and smaller OBC are made to share a much smaller class which is nearly empty and the TBrahmin is also stealing from this meager. A complete LIE and the exact opposite has been the case in Tamilnadu. You can see the similarity of the Tamil language propaganda to the Nazi lies and canards against Jews. You have to notice closely, this is NOT a casual drawing, everything is carefully placed. This cartoon however is stolen from Chinese propaganda – repurposed to Dravidian Anti-Brahmin propaganda artwork.

EWS videos use this image and spread misinformation

One of the striking things that outsiders do not know about Tamil is the insane amount of engagement on social media. A 2L sub channel is average. I hoped someone would come forward to document the proliferation of Dravidian channels, maybe I will do it myself. In any case, Kulukkai is a 2.3Lakh Subscriber very popular Dravidian channel in Tamilnadu with over 35 Million views. Read my post “DO not trust any ally who claims this is fringe”.

After the EWS case was lost Dravidians and their allies the Idea of India ecosystem in Delhi have gone into overdrive to build a campaign to launch attacks against the judgment. You can notice pieces in Indian Express, Hindustan Times, The Hindu and others.

Dravidians launched three new books in an event recently. The YouTube videos features Mr P. Wilson DMK MP and Mr G. Karunanidy the AIOBC Federation. The videos can be seen on Kulukkai

You can notice the cartoon used in the propaganda material. New Delhi lawyers do not understand Tamil hence they dont see this side of the Dravidian Janus face.

Their idea of Social Justice is not what they tell you in English. If India were smart enough to even ask them in the first place.

This G. Karunanidhi clearly exposes his Dravidian version when “Social Justice” was achieved in the first 100% Non Brahmin assembly. This shows the mindset of the highest level of Tamil (D) intellectuals. This is their vision. It isnt about Savarna vs Dalit vs Bahujan etc. I see many Savarnas ministers in the picture below.

I do not even think the Dravidians lost the OBC case. They got by without the Supreme Court touching upon ANY of the key issues. The loss is merely Technical. It is quite possible the judges merely are not that sharp to search and spot the intrigues.

The speeches

  • Show the depth of the Dravidian braintrust. They show a deep knowledge of Indira Sawhney, Thakur, and other judgments
  • Demonstrate great passion while delivering the oration
  • Shows their great energy designing and challenging Laws at the national level. In the Parliament when they had power , unlike the BJP.
  • Show expert deftness in dancing very close to the danger line – eg while saying Reservation is about representation – yet avoiding examining the representation in Tamilnadu. This shows the eagerness with which deception and badfaith is embraced.
  • Isolating the Brahmins in true Tamil (NonBrahmin/Dravidian) intellectual style. GK says in Tamil “they 76 castes will get benefit of EWS, but trust me they will not get anything. This 10% is only for Brahmins”. Suggesting they will be pushed out.
  • Using anti-Brahmin Tamil language cards for YouTube content the images above say in Tamil (P.Wilson) “Conspiracy to destroy reservation. This is the Beginning” (G.Karunanidhy) Brahmins mete out injustice in the name of the poor
  • Using techniques of expanding scope fallacy. Look at Chief Secys in Delhi – they are all Brahmins. If not Upper Castes. Why look at Delhi? Lets look at Chennai.
  • The DMK lawyers against EWS are said to have opened with the Ekalavya story. This type of strategy takes the issue OUT of the plane of rational and contemporary social analysis. Who is the descendant of Eka today? It isnt a “thing” it is an “emotion”. A poorly trained bench can never match this level of determined and planned challenge.

The essential question is “Who will ask these questions”

I see the BJP frightened and the Supreme Court delinquent.

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  1. venkatesh58 said, on December 1, 2022 at 9:22 pm

    Thanks for the blog. Missing you in Twitter. I read your previous blog on suspension by Twitter. Anyways it looks like a blessing in disguise since blogs are very useful !! – VK

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