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Ideological foundations of JNU anti brahmin graffiti

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on December 3, 2022

Criminal elements have written anti Brahmin graffiti at several places at India’s premier University Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi. There is a philosophical source for this as I shall explain in this article.

First the graffiti

  • There will be blood
  • Brahmin Banias – we are coming for you
  • Brahmins leave the campus

More disturbing is the specific targeting of certain Brahmin faculty. Again there is a pattern to this which I shall explain. The following was sprayed on two Faculty members office doors.

The wrong diagnosis – the failed actual violence test

Immediately Indian reporters found themselves confused and disoriented. I have been warning for so long about this anti-Brahmin propaganda export from Tamil. Observe closely

NDTV says “No tolerance for any violence”

But where is the violence?

I have been having this discussion with a talented New Delhi lawyer about “Free Speech” jurisprudence for a while now. The theory goes – these is no actual violence or clear instructions to incite violence. The graffiti says “Brahmins leave campus” – it is just requesting the Brahmins to leave JNU of their own accord and not actually inciting anyone to push them out. Hence this should be treated as “vandalism” of public property on the same level as say graffiti celebrating Virat Kohli !! Because the content has been examined for actual violence and having passed that check , is merely objectionable, but still allowed.

Impact on the targeted faculty – deeply unsettling

That this is nt just some other graffiti but targeting a specific identifiable group and also specific professors from that group is missed by the New Delhi lawyers. By treating this as mere graffiti and vandalism would deny the feeling of unsettled fear that has been driven into the faculty members and also Brahmin students. Hence if you look at the pricing mechanism this is a huge win for the perpetrators. The right option is to ENFORCE laws already in place IPC153/ 505 and jail the culprits. It ought to be easy to spot due to CCTV.

You can also observe the disoriented ‘woke’ vocabulary of inclusion, equality, in the letter from JNU. Well guess what — include this type of Dravidian anti-Brahminism also. That is inclusion. The slogans also call for equality as “we will avenge”

What is needed is for Police to get involved and douse this at this proto Dravidian stage.

பார்ப்பானே வெளியேறு – Tamizh-Brahmins Exit !! a Dravidian slogan

Recently Rajiv Malhotra recounted a meeting where some Khalistanis confronted him and accused Brahmins of doing conspiracy in Punjab. He was rightfully amused because there are hardly any ! But the question should be “Why is Anti-Brahmin so potent even if is clearly absurd ?” It is because of the spectacular success of this in the state of Tamilnadu. Shielded by the language barrier. And massaged by the lies of the Non Brahmin Dravidian interpreters for the English world.

You have to be deep inside Tamizh like me in order to understand the magic. Here is a sample of what Mr E.V.Ramaswamy (Periyar) asking “Tamizh Brahmins to get out..”

தமிழக அரசியல் வரலாறு – பாகம் – 1 / Tamilaga Arasiyal Varalaru Volume 1 – Chapter 25 ஆர். முத்துக்குமார் / R. Muthukumar Kizhakku Publisher

What does the above say ? See here is where you will run into the Tamil language barrier. Dravidian NonBrahmins will merely say the above talks about “social justice, inclusion, and equality” in peoples language. Let me translate then you will see the power of the message

Tamilaga Arasiyal Varalaru Volume 1 – R Muthukumar Chapter 25

In his acclaimed book திராவிட இயக்கம் – புனைவும் உண்மையும் – journalist Malarmannan has recounted how “Tamizh Brahmins – Get out!” in Tamil பார்ப்பானே வெளியேறு would be painted on compound walls and hit passer by in the face with the impact !

Evasion is intelligence, Deception is intelligence

What sets apart Dravidian hate speech is that is it originates from the highest levels. With the corollary that such speakers will be elevated to the higher levels (Suriya Xavier, Nellai Kannan, Nanjil Sampath were bestowed with Tamilnadu state govt awards), . Hence it pulls up rather than pulls down. I have placed evidence of such accounts as Post Modern Asura who appear to be doctors or some such high levels. That is unique about Tamil society.

A very high profile intelligent Tamil pushing the Brahmin-Bania racial hatred. Perhaps a prof or a doc. This is the unique thing about Dravidian-Tamil – this flows from the top.

A random look into Barathidasan’s poetry will reveal how deeply hateful and offensive. Such talented poets from the non Tamil-Brahmin elite castes were deployed to make Anti-Brahmin rhetoric a mark of culture. The theme was always trying to recruit violence against the Tamizh Brahmins.

Everyone of us learns Baratidasan in every class in school.

This is highest poetry in Dravidian-Tamil. Taken from Tamizhukku Amuthendru Peyar – the meaning of Tamil is Nectar. You can see how the deceptive and sweet sounding titles are used to purvey a form of deep hatred against Tamizh Brahmins. The poetry first establishes a pretext .. ” are you cowherd nomads ? a group that entered a race and created fissures and quarrels and surviving.. if a lowly man says – I want Tamilnadu to be under me – then say Get out of this country” . A common Velalla trope against Tamizh Brahmins is — a bunch of uncivilized nomads who infiltrated by cunning a pristine Tamil society created by Vellalas.

Post equity woke will necessarily lead to Dravidian-ism / Anti-Semitism etc

The world is now interested in Tamils. Even in American Woke movement Tamils like Ajantha Subramanian, Thenmozhi Soundarrajan are leading figures. By all measures India is a post equity society. Every public goods have been distributed preferentially to those groups calling themselves oppressed using political caste blocks taking advantage of judicial delinquence which must qualify as a crime against humanity. Then why do we have anti-Brahmin ism today. You have your share (equity) they have theirs.. This demonstrates to the world that Post Equity must necessarily upgrade to Anti-Semititism. Why do todays leading Tamil intellectuals (Non Brahmin) like Suba Veerapandian, Karunanandam, and others spend a gazillion hours creating Tamil YouTube content while at the same time celebrating the total success of explusion of Brahmins ?

Political path of Congress – leads to Dravidian

The Congress party is now increasingly under control of the Dravidian braintrust. Why? It is a ready made ideology with the entire backend apparatus in place. Also because it has shown that Anti-Brahminism can be a route to permanent power. As long as the police do not enforce speech laws along this axis. And as long as a tiny group can weave words and keep winning in the Supreme Court the protection of Non-Core laws and schemes. Anti-Brahmism can easily be hidden behind social justice. India simply does not have the intellectual strength in numbers to push c counter narrative. I hope more can become like me. !!

Anti-Brahmin rhetoric galvanizes the base and drives the Non-Brahmin Hindu into a voting pattern. If you are a Reddy for example – you certainly would prefer not to be the target. Without examining further, the mere change of attitude is the win.

4 Responses

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  1. Vijay Vanbakkam said, on December 3, 2022 at 3:04 pm

    Bharatidasan has to be rejected lock, stock and barrel if anyone claims he/she is free of anti-brahmin hatred and prejudice

  2. Tom said, on December 6, 2022 at 10:21 am

    Read amy chuas book. World on fire. It talks on this issue .

    • realitycheck said, on December 6, 2022 at 2:46 pm

      Thanks !! Can you share what Amy chua says about India in this context? I would be seriously impressed if she was able to spot Drav. we havent built the corpus for outsiders to discover. Hence D interpreters have control

      • Tom said, on December 8, 2022 at 9:28 am

        She doesnt discuss india but talks of indian minority facing violence in uganda . also chinese face hatred in malaysia & indonesia.

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