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Secondary hate propaganda in Tamil after Finance Minister PTR Thiagarajan trolls women journalists

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on February 3, 2023

The pattern in Tamil Dravidian is the same. The leader signals a target and on cue a Drav mass starts raining stones and casteist abuses mindlessly. An outlet for the criminal passion groomed by way of vile anti-Brahmin propaganda which is now old enough that parents have passed it to their children. It is always a mass exercise because you should not be able to pick out individual members from the crowd.

Currently the Tamilnadu Finance Minister is bullying and beating down an intrepid journalist. That is their way of disciplining. Usage of louts and “Kaali Payalung” rowdy elements to beat and wear down selected target. Then moving on to the next dissenter. This is a straight lift from Nazi propaganda technique. They pick the most vocal Jew and train all their criminal energy on beating him or her down. The Non-Brahmin-Elite Dravidian movement does this to this day. Even if a Tamizh Brahmin of no political power like Sumanth Raman, or a true achiever like Sridhar Vembu – they go after them. Targeted and relentless abuse. Steppe Parasite is a favorite slur for Sumanth Raman popularized by a leading intellectual Tamil social media personality.

In the AIADMK administration – they went very vulgarly and violently after Mrs Girija Vaidyanathan an IAS officer who was chief secy. Once she was replaced by a Non-Brahmin Vellala in the current admin peace was restored.

Leading up to Nazi power, the chief of Berlin Police was Bernhard Weiss – a Jew. Goebbels used the full power of propaganda platforms – this included his paper Der Angriffe and an army of stage speakers to defame and wear him down.

You can see this in action. Until the journalists fall in line and accept a position under the Dravidian hate platform – these journalists will be singled out and continue to be vilified, pestered, trolled and attacked by cowardly accounts. A few will scale up to actual physical crime and a few will stop at mere speech. It is a spectrum – but always an offence and a police matter. As I keep saying, Dravidian ideology when implemented is actually a police matter.

Example of trolling and targeted attacking from my favorite cluster.

Really ROFL Karikaala ? “Legacy of indigenous Tamil Dravidians” is a cowardly Dravidian Tamil male despite having implicit police assurances against nabbing hiding behind a shrub and throwing rocks at a courageous woman who has none of it ? Sweet pie chellam. . with your smiley. 🙂

Another tempo account @Sujays teasing her with pun on ‘clear’ in an effort to ruffle up, disconcert her and give up. The propaganda din is from the crowd but there is a dynamic to the crowd. It is made up of individuals with clear roles, some self selected some paid to do it. A very engaged and intellectual account but one which plays it down to be not noticable.

Being illogical shows the way to evil – the Pollachi case accusation of PTR

What we have here is the DMK Finance Minister PTR Thiagarajan sparring with an ordinary journalist. One who has the courage and strength of 1000 Dravidian-Tamil journalists. But notice the absence of logic.

DId you notice he hung the Pollachi Rapists on this peg? Does it make any sense ? A journalist provided a particular perspective. That should stop there. His party the DMK is in power will full majority and 100% Non-Brahmin upper caste power in all sectors. The Law Minister is from the same caste as the intellectual guru Suba Veerapandian. There is no way a Brahmin can influence him. What is preventing the government from arresting the rapists? The case is transferred to CBI – but that is again illogical. Why not demand the case back? Why not use the Dravidian propaganda machine to keep the spotlight and pressure on the case? Why the silence. Did the Brahmins cause it too?

More later..

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  1. Vijay Vanbakkam said, on February 3, 2023 at 6:49 pm

    see, usual suspects band together immediately. PTR gets full support from who else -Veeramani
    with a mafia warning
    ஆழந்தெரியாமல் காலைவிட்டு…….

  2. Vijay Vanbakkam said, on February 3, 2023 at 6:50 pm

  3. Vijay Vanbakkam said, on February 3, 2023 at 8:46 pm

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