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Ideological foundations of JNU anti brahmin graffiti

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Criminal elements have written anti Brahmin graffiti at several places at India’s premier University Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi. There is a philosophical source for this as I shall explain in this article.

First the graffiti

  • There will be blood
  • Brahmin Banias – we are coming for you
  • Brahmins leave the campus

More disturbing is the specific targeting of certain Brahmin faculty. Again there is a pattern to this which I shall explain. The following was sprayed on two Faculty members office doors.

The wrong diagnosis – the failed actual violence test

Immediately Indian reporters found themselves confused and disoriented. I have been warning for so long about this anti-Brahmin propaganda export from Tamil. Observe closely

NDTV says “No tolerance for any violence”

But where is the violence?

I have been having this discussion with a talented New Delhi lawyer about “Free Speech” jurisprudence for a while now. The theory goes – these is no actual violence or clear instructions to incite violence. The graffiti says “Brahmins leave campus” – it is just requesting the Brahmins to leave JNU of their own accord and not actually inciting anyone to push them out. Hence this should be treated as “vandalism” of public property on the same level as say graffiti celebrating Virat Kohli !! Because the content has been examined for actual violence and having passed that check , is merely objectionable, but still allowed.

Impact on the targeted faculty – deeply unsettling

That this is nt just some other graffiti but targeting a specific identifiable group and also specific professors from that group is missed by the New Delhi lawyers. By treating this as mere graffiti and vandalism would deny the feeling of unsettled fear that has been driven into the faculty members and also Brahmin students. Hence if you look at the pricing mechanism this is a huge win for the perpetrators. The right option is to ENFORCE laws already in place IPC153/ 505 and jail the culprits. It ought to be easy to spot due to CCTV.

You can also observe the disoriented ‘woke’ vocabulary of inclusion, equality, in the letter from JNU. Well guess what — include this type of Dravidian anti-Brahminism also. That is inclusion. The slogans also call for equality as “we will avenge”

What is needed is for Police to get involved and douse this at this proto Dravidian stage.

பார்ப்பானே வெளியேறு – Tamizh-Brahmins Exit !! a Dravidian slogan

Recently Rajiv Malhotra recounted a meeting where some Khalistanis confronted him and accused Brahmins of doing conspiracy in Punjab. He was rightfully amused because there are hardly any ! But the question should be “Why is Anti-Brahmin so potent even if is clearly absurd ?” It is because of the spectacular success of this in the state of Tamilnadu. Shielded by the language barrier. And massaged by the lies of the Non Brahmin Dravidian interpreters for the English world.

You have to be deep inside Tamizh like me in order to understand the magic. Here is a sample of what Mr E.V.Ramaswamy (Periyar) asking “Tamizh Brahmins to get out..”

தமிழக அரசியல் வரலாறு – பாகம் – 1 / Tamilaga Arasiyal Varalaru Volume 1 – Chapter 25 ஆர். முத்துக்குமார் / R. Muthukumar Kizhakku Publisher

What does the above say ? See here is where you will run into the Tamil language barrier. Dravidian NonBrahmins will merely say the above talks about “social justice, inclusion, and equality” in peoples language. Let me translate then you will see the power of the message

Tamilaga Arasiyal Varalaru Volume 1 – R Muthukumar Chapter 25

In his acclaimed book திராவிட இயக்கம் – புனைவும் உண்மையும் – journalist Malarmannan has recounted how “Tamizh Brahmins – Get out!” in Tamil பார்ப்பானே வெளியேறு would be painted on compound walls and hit passer by in the face with the impact !

Evasion is intelligence, Deception is intelligence

What sets apart Dravidian hate speech is that is it originates from the highest levels. With the corollary that such speakers will be elevated to the higher levels (Suriya Xavier, Nellai Kannan, Nanjil Sampath were bestowed with Tamilnadu state govt awards), . Hence it pulls up rather than pulls down. I have placed evidence of such accounts as Post Modern Asura who appear to be doctors or some such high levels. That is unique about Tamil society.

A very high profile intelligent Tamil pushing the Brahmin-Bania racial hatred. Perhaps a prof or a doc. This is the unique thing about Dravidian-Tamil – this flows from the top.

A random look into Barathidasan’s poetry will reveal how deeply hateful and offensive. Such talented poets from the non Tamil-Brahmin elite castes were deployed to make Anti-Brahmin rhetoric a mark of culture. The theme was always trying to recruit violence against the Tamizh Brahmins.

Everyone of us learns Baratidasan in every class in school.

This is highest poetry in Dravidian-Tamil. Taken from Tamizhukku Amuthendru Peyar – the meaning of Tamil is Nectar. You can see how the deceptive and sweet sounding titles are used to purvey a form of deep hatred against Tamizh Brahmins. The poetry first establishes a pretext .. ” are you cowherd nomads ? a group that entered a race and created fissures and quarrels and surviving.. if a lowly man says – I want Tamilnadu to be under me – then say Get out of this country” . A common Velalla trope against Tamizh Brahmins is — a bunch of uncivilized nomads who infiltrated by cunning a pristine Tamil society created by Vellalas.

Post equity woke will necessarily lead to Dravidian-ism / Anti-Semitism etc

The world is now interested in Tamils. Even in American Woke movement Tamils like Ajantha Subramanian, Thenmozhi Soundarrajan are leading figures. By all measures India is a post equity society. Every public goods have been distributed preferentially to those groups calling themselves oppressed using political caste blocks taking advantage of judicial delinquence which must qualify as a crime against humanity. Then why do we have anti-Brahmin ism today. You have your share (equity) they have theirs.. This demonstrates to the world that Post Equity must necessarily upgrade to Anti-Semititism. Why do todays leading Tamil intellectuals (Non Brahmin) like Suba Veerapandian, Karunanandam, and others spend a gazillion hours creating Tamil YouTube content while at the same time celebrating the total success of explusion of Brahmins ?

Political path of Congress – leads to Dravidian

The Congress party is now increasingly under control of the Dravidian braintrust. Why? It is a ready made ideology with the entire backend apparatus in place. Also because it has shown that Anti-Brahminism can be a route to permanent power. As long as the police do not enforce speech laws along this axis. And as long as a tiny group can weave words and keep winning in the Supreme Court the protection of Non-Core laws and schemes. Anti-Brahmism can easily be hidden behind social justice. India simply does not have the intellectual strength in numbers to push c counter narrative. I hope more can become like me. !!

Anti-Brahmin rhetoric galvanizes the base and drives the Non-Brahmin Hindu into a voting pattern. If you are a Reddy for example – you certainly would prefer not to be the target. Without examining further, the mere change of attitude is the win.

Tamil Dravidian intellectuals and EWS anti-Brahmin spin

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It never fails to amaze me how a people can so willingly reject reason and adopt the bad faith. As a group. With no outside pressure. Out of their own free will.

Have I shared this vile Anti-Brahmin cartoon from the Tamils (Dravidian) on my Twitter account?

The artist name signed in Tamil is சித்ரன் (Chitran 2.0) This cartoon is widely circulated in Tamil social media. IT shows a stereotypical fat Tamil brahmin drinking from a large class which is already full while the skinner and smaller OBC are made to share a much smaller class which is nearly empty and the TBrahmin is also stealing from this meager. A complete LIE and the exact opposite has been the case in Tamilnadu. You can see the similarity of the Tamil language propaganda to the Nazi lies and canards against Jews. You have to notice closely, this is NOT a casual drawing, everything is carefully placed. This cartoon however is stolen from Chinese propaganda – repurposed to Dravidian Anti-Brahmin propaganda artwork.

EWS videos use this image and spread misinformation

One of the striking things that outsiders do not know about Tamil is the insane amount of engagement on social media. A 2L sub channel is average. I hoped someone would come forward to document the proliferation of Dravidian channels, maybe I will do it myself. In any case, Kulukkai is a 2.3Lakh Subscriber very popular Dravidian channel in Tamilnadu with over 35 Million views. Read my post “DO not trust any ally who claims this is fringe”.

After the EWS case was lost Dravidians and their allies the Idea of India ecosystem in Delhi have gone into overdrive to build a campaign to launch attacks against the judgment. You can notice pieces in Indian Express, Hindustan Times, The Hindu and others.

Dravidians launched three new books in an event recently. The YouTube videos features Mr P. Wilson DMK MP and Mr G. Karunanidy the AIOBC Federation. The videos can be seen on Kulukkai

You can notice the cartoon used in the propaganda material. New Delhi lawyers do not understand Tamil hence they dont see this side of the Dravidian Janus face.

Their idea of Social Justice is not what they tell you in English. If India were smart enough to even ask them in the first place.

This G. Karunanidhi clearly exposes his Dravidian version when “Social Justice” was achieved in the first 100% Non Brahmin assembly. This shows the mindset of the highest level of Tamil (D) intellectuals. This is their vision. It isnt about Savarna vs Dalit vs Bahujan etc. I see many Savarnas ministers in the picture below.

I do not even think the Dravidians lost the OBC case. They got by without the Supreme Court touching upon ANY of the key issues. The loss is merely Technical. It is quite possible the judges merely are not that sharp to search and spot the intrigues.

The speeches

  • Show the depth of the Dravidian braintrust. They show a deep knowledge of Indira Sawhney, Thakur, and other judgments
  • Demonstrate great passion while delivering the oration
  • Shows their great energy designing and challenging Laws at the national level. In the Parliament when they had power , unlike the BJP.
  • Show expert deftness in dancing very close to the danger line – eg while saying Reservation is about representation – yet avoiding examining the representation in Tamilnadu. This shows the eagerness with which deception and badfaith is embraced.
  • Isolating the Brahmins in true Tamil (NonBrahmin/Dravidian) intellectual style. GK says in Tamil “they 76 castes will get benefit of EWS, but trust me they will not get anything. This 10% is only for Brahmins”. Suggesting they will be pushed out.
  • Using anti-Brahmin Tamil language cards for YouTube content the images above say in Tamil (P.Wilson) “Conspiracy to destroy reservation. This is the Beginning” (G.Karunanidhy) Brahmins mete out injustice in the name of the poor
  • Using techniques of expanding scope fallacy. Look at Chief Secys in Delhi – they are all Brahmins. If not Upper Castes. Why look at Delhi? Lets look at Chennai.
  • The DMK lawyers against EWS are said to have opened with the Ekalavya story. This type of strategy takes the issue OUT of the plane of rational and contemporary social analysis. Who is the descendant of Eka today? It isnt a “thing” it is an “emotion”. A poorly trained bench can never match this level of determined and planned challenge.

The essential question is “Who will ask these questions”

I see the BJP frightened and the Supreme Court delinquent.

Negotiating the Tamil drama triangle

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Here is a simple rule Tamizh Brahmins can follow while evaluating choices.

Never ever trust an ally who dismisses the Dravidian ideology as “fringe”. Periyar as fringe, Suba Vee as fringe.

Tamilnadu is not like other states or like the centre. It is the ‘ideological state’. Politics is downstream of ideology. AIADMK and DMK are merely faces that negotiate the ideology. When Non Brahmins talk about AIADMK and DMK while diverting attention from the ideological backend they are trying to negotiate. With whom? With the Indian state. With the world. With the Tamizh Brahmins. With the Dalits. and so on.

Karpman Drama Triangle

A useful psychological model I explored recently was the Karpman Drama Triangle. It is indeed a fantastic model of a destructive human interaction cycle. You can watch the Israeli psychologist Sam Vankin videos on YouTube for more. Or check out the Wiki for an overview.

The three roles in the Triangle are Persecutors > Victims > Rescuers

All roles alternate and have destructive potential. While the triangle does not speak about actual victims (say of a stage-7 genocide) I believe it covers victims in proto stages.

Let me get straight to Tamil society for the last 100 yrs.


The primary persecutors are the Dravidian ideologues who man the powerful propaganda machine. The machine which continuous spews canards, invective, lies, vulgarity, mocking, and despicable stereotypes about Tamizh Brahmins. An example of this today would leading ideologues from non-Brahmin upper castes like Suba Veerapandiyan, Karu Palaniappan, Kantharaj Mudaliar and so on. Next the amplifier passion accounts like Arakkar Periyar, Angry Birdu. Then the vulgar accounts like Jeyachandran, Gopi (Bangalore), Aalthottapoopathi – you never heard of these because you look away. I do not. I took them on – because they are the Persecutors in the triangle. At the outside they fight with words. But their capabilities run deeper and will only impact the vanguards like myself. Jeyamohan has written a good article about the “Ideological movements” in this Tamil post அறிவியக்கம் என்றால் என்ன? The machine that conceives, creates, and transmits an ideology. The contents of the “ideology” can be anything. In case of Tamils it is radical Anti-Brahminism. Political parties are merely tools to get that ideology implemented. As Goebbels famously said “It isn’t our fault if democracy is foolish enough to let us operate from within”


Victims are well known. The Tamizh Brahmins who have been the target of Nazi model propaganda attack from around the same time (early 1920s) that the anti-Semitic propaganda machine was created in Germany. However it is important to also analyze the victim behavior. We should not think like a victim at this stage because then we act like a victim. Acting like victim means relying on the third and most important node – the Rescuer. That is toxic.


The rescuers approaches you with “I am not like the perpetrator” let me help you. This appears fine but when the triangle is placed in an ideological magnetic field it would be very confusing to tell for sure if the rescuer isn’t the same as the perpetrator.

The situation in Tamilnadu is several are presenting themselves are rescuers. There is no question that many of them are well intention ed. But it is also possible that many are merely fishing.

Test of a real rescuer.

Write this down.

A real rescuer will help the victim defend himself.

The victims break out of the Karpman triangle by fighting. Hence FIGHT. By any means possible. It would appear hard and against all odds because the Tamil Dravidians have officially organized as “Non-Brahmins”. That is as the anti-thesis of us. They have total control of all levers in particular the Police and Law. The Indian state is frightened, in cahoots, disinterested, or merely dim. But I hope I have shown that the fight is possible.

The rescuers break out of the Drama Triangle by helping victim self defence and by punishing the perpetrators. Now lets turn to the rescuers who are showing up on Twitter social media many from BJP or AIADMK state unit. Do you see them help the Tamizh Brahmin defend themselves against the Persecutors or do they try to convince us that there are no persecutors, or that the persecutors are fringe. This is the most destructive type of ally. You do not have to rebuke them , be polite but be aware of the dynamics here. Use silly memes like they do when you are needled.

Not to toot my own horn, but I am an example of the victim node who is fighting the persecutors. Till date very very few of these rescuers have helped in any way. These are merely fresh negotiators of the Dravidian ideology. As an aside, the recent Gayathri Raghuram dismissal from BJP. I am not aware of the details of the issue perhaps it was fair punishment. What matters to me is that she was the victim of thousands of abusive vulgar sexist tweets from Dravidian accounts for years. Did ANY of them help her fight or call for punishment of the Dravidian accounts? Did any of them build a dossier of such tweets? I did. That is the level we should operate at. In Tamilnadu – political banter for a Non-Brahmins isnt the same as from a Tamizh Brahmin. Their uncles are DMK district secys and their cousins as AIADMK MLAs. We are OUTSIDE looking in, they are INSIDE looking out.

Are they fishing for psychological benefits “look at me I am not ugly like Arakkar Periyar or BacteriaOffl” but I could be like them in an instant. There is much on offer political benefits, or more darkly rescuing women. After all Periyar himself said that Tamizh Brahmin males hated the British because their women were easily falling for nonbrahmin males. (Viduthalai 21-6-1956)

Once again I emphasise there ARE many genuine well wishers even on my Twitter timeline. This post is about spotting the spurious ones. I hope this post does not offend I am sure will understand.

Simple rules to use in Tamil society

  1. Reject any rescuer who calls the foundation ideology of Tamil society for 100 years as “Fringe”. There deny the very existence of the persecutor.
  2. One of the ways for the persecutor to exit the Triangle is to be punished. Ask the rescuer if they will punish the abusers ? Test the answer.
  3. Observe if these allies ever comment or engage with Dravidian handles or do they always try to engage with Brahmin handles. Trust me I went deep into Dravidian Tamil world – I have NEVER ever seen a single one of these allies there confronting the Arakkars, Vedaalans, Postmoderns.
  4. I had to bat alone in Tamil.

If the BJP state unit is willing to merely be the fresh negotiating face of Dravidian ideology then that is how the BJP will get absorbed into Dravidian-ism. Like the Congress before it.


To be fair these accounts are friends, I hope they do not take this the wrong way. However the pattern is there and I want to explain to them in case they dont realize the harm it is causing. Trying to distract from the ideology which is the central part. He claims hardly anyone knows who Suba Vee is. One who even the CM has repeatedly praised on stage and is responsible for large scale Dravidan workshops across the state.

I operate at a deeper level in Tamil, how likely is it that I would be distracted? But there are many who would be. Also they can inform New Delhi (India) not to pay attention to me – since I am fighting the irrelevant fringe. Therein is the danger for us. The Perpetrators are given cover.

Anti-Brahmin tropes amplified at TK Seenivasan event by Tamilnadu Chief Minister Mr MK Stalin

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TK Seenivasan was an old time Dravidian speaker and activist of the Self Respect movement. Dravidians fondly call him “Thatthuva Methai” Philosophical Genius. He is also the father of DMK former RS and LS MP and spokesperson Mr TKS Elangovan.

On 24-11-2022 an event was organized to commemorate the centenary of Mr TK Seenivasan and to release three books on that occasion.

This following speech is from that event.

See at 14:42

Vagrants in search of food came to our land .. their Souls full of cunning ..they destroyed our flower garden..

A chief minister who swore on the constitution speaking about a section of citizens in this manner. Isnt this amazing in 2022??

Subtitled video on my KOO account for Non Tamils

Tropes repeated

It is uncanny how similar Dravidian attacks on Tamizh Brahmins are to the Nazi allegations against Jews. The following tropes are repeated from the highest level. The seniormost Dravidian ideologue today Mr Suba Veerapandian is on stage as well.

  • From some unknown land they came .. ( uprooting and de-linking Tamizh Brahmins the oldest documented group in Tamil lands)
  • In search or food .. (in Tamil they call it பஞ்சம் பிழைக்க those who came in search of food also இறை “Irai” = prey)
  • Tamil land the forest of flowers.. (the Vellala fantasy of a pre TamizhBrahmin egalitarian utopia 3000 yrs ago)
  • Converted into graveyard .. ( they destroyed the pristine casteless zero oppression Tamil society)
  • Not conquered with muscle .. (that is why Aryan Invasion is a problem – it is masculine, hence the DTamils use beggar invasion)
  • But souls filled with cunning .. (accusing TamizhBrahmins of a conniving mind.. their souls are filled with it)
  • Without work at all .. (Tamizh Brahmins do not perform any work but enjoy.. old Dravidian-Tamil-NonBrahmin canard)
  • They enjoy ..(rouse resentment)
  • I do not have to explain to you who that group is (why not? is it manly to insinuate instead )

Uncanny how this is lifted straight from Nazi German accusations against Jews. Very unoriginal.

Isn’t it amazing that such speeches are articulated at the highest levels in a corner of the world. In Tamil.

The following picture shows Mr Suba Veerapandian the mastermind in the black shirt on the right. On the left is Rajya Sabha MP of the Paapaara Naaye (you Brahmin Dog) fame Mr RS Bharthi. Both from the uppermost NonBrahmin elite castes. (Chettiar and Mudaliar) I state the caste names to drive home the point that these privileged castes have NO valid social justice grievance. Hence hate groups emanating from these caste locations must be called out as driven by a criminal passion.


Karu Palaniappan says about the oratory technique — ramble on and on, then swoop down with the punch. In Dravidian speeches the punch line is ALWAYS an anti Brahmin canard. The crowd picks that up and amplifies.

Look at this DMK worker who pounced and clipped the “money” part leaving along the monotonous platitude and trivial incident recalls which form the bulk of the speech.

The full YouTube video is available at the link I shared above – a 1.5Lakh Sub Tamil YouTube channel

Also see

Live broadcast of the anti Tamizh Brahmin speech enabled by Twitter to reach 7000+

The same Twitter which blocked my account using a Tamil language moderator insider who responded to mass reporting. It is still available online.

It is about Tamilnadu stupid ! A no bull guide to the EWS judgment

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I am going to eschew verbosity and legalese here to present a ‘no bull’ raw view of the issues around the 103rd constitutional amendment. This amendment enabled states to provide reservation up to 10% for the ‘poor among the forward castes’. On Nov 7 2022 the Supreme Court of India ruled in a majority verdict 3-2 to uphold the constitutional amendment.

You can read longer pieces written by me on the matter at “The EWS Quota wrench in the Idea of India process” and “Is the EWS 103rd Amend a constitutional fraud”

Tamil Dravidian intellectual saying in Tamil ” For others danger is by hair length – for Tamilians alone it is in Thread length “(referring to the sacred thread worn by Brahmins) — this was the flood of propaganda following the Indian Supreme Court judgment in the EWS case.

Ok first – as promised let first cut the BS. This is not a quota for poor. It is a quota for castes that are not included in any of the reservation categories (SC / ST/ OBC) In other words , the ‘unreserved castes or the forward castes”. The income limit is merely shiny new creamy layer filter for the new quota.

Is a Quota for the hitherto unreserved castes desirable ?

I have been against economic reservation for a long time with the logic “Why should I give my medical seat to you because my dad owns a car ?” Life is about fighting odds. However, that is not the case here. We have a more fundamental problem – the intractability of bringing the OBC quota regime under monitoring. During debates of the First Amendment Ambedkar guaranteed that the Court would scrunitize runaway mischief in classification of castes as “backward”. However that has not happened. During the 2007 OBC quota case Thakur the court with great bombast said that there would a review of castes after “5 or 10 yrs”. That time has come and gone – there has been nothing.

The EWS reservation is nothing but a legislative response to a grand dereliction on the part of the Supreme Court.

Tamilnadu “Dravidian” model is the reason

First of all a capable Supreme Court bench would have started with the most fundamental of questions – What is the necessity to have an EWS quota – if castes X/Y/Z are left behind the automatic checks and balances in the primary OBC quota mechanism would kick in and ensure they are included in the OBC regime. Think hard. Think. This is the level at which Dravidian ideology operates.

Tamilnadu is the state that necessitated the EWS quota in the first place. and it is also the state that is leading the most vigorous opposition to this quota. Almost all states have notified the 10% quota as a matter of search for equilibrium – except Tamilnadu.

Tamilnadu DMK and Congress All Party Meet resolution rejecting the EWS reservation

Vacuous yet loaded statements like “it is against the philosophy of social justice” should invite curious minds to inquire Tamilnadu. Is Dravidian Anti-Brahmin the philosophy of social justice ?

Tamilnadu specifically the DMK is the primary mover against the EWS reservation. Why is Dravidian movement so inconsolable?

Read on.

Exclusion forms the basis of Tamilnadu reservation

Tamilnadu’s uniqueness is not merely that 69% of seats are reserved or that creamy layer is not excluded which allows multiple generation families to avail the quota. What is unique is that 97% of the population is classified as backward (See my post on NSSO Statistics Handbook showing Demographic data of Tamilnadu) . This is egregious and flies in the face of Supreme Court observations in Indira Sawhney that reservation for all is reservation for none.

But what is missed is the Anti-Brahmin imperative – reservation for all but Tamizh Brahmins is nothing but invidious discrimination against Tamizh Brahmins. This is running unchecked even in this case which resulting in defeat for Dravidians.

I know people would argue that other Tamilnadu castes like Nattukottai Chettiars ( P Chidambaram), Saiva Arcot Vellalas (PTR Palanivel Rajan), Balija Naidus are also impacted but the numbers do not support that. Perhaps they use a cognate caste, perhaps only Tamil Brahmins are face controlled. Regardless, the total absence of support from these community leaders who form the DMK/DK leadership such as Suba Veerapandian, Palanivel Thiagarajan betrays there is something more than meets the eye.

Idea of India jurisprudence accommodation of Dravidian ideology

Tamilnadu was able to get away for 17 years with flouting the basics of Indira Sawhney in both the depth 69% and the width 95% inclusion. Every year the Supreme Court pampered this violation with an extension as they deferred examining the Tamilnadu Reservation Act of 1994 from one year to the next with some spurious bandaid formula. In 2011, after 17 yrs the Supreme Court while disposing all challenges demanded the Tamilnadu Govt to collect quantifiable data to justify its case. For its part the Tamilnadu Govt constituted the Janarthanam Commission which essentially told the Supreme Court what amounts to mind its own business. See “Perpetuating the scourge of caste – P. Radhakrishnan of MIDS”

Why cant Dravidians just give the 3% and gain impenetrable armor?

This is an absolute cardinal question curious minds in New Delhi must ask the Dravidian-Tamil when they present objections.

Lets cut the BS, every caste gets included in Tamilnadu. In that case, Dravidians can give 3% – not 10% and set a limit of 5 Lakhs and be done with it. You would think this is the rational thing to do for a democratic party. Imagine this would seal the mouths of their detractors for good. They certainly are not averse to such quotas – DMK announced 3.5% for Christians (later withdrawn due to communities own rejection) and 3.5% for Muslims. Imagine the peace and unassailable armour it would give the Dravidian ideology. If you do not understand this – you will not be able to understand the deafening noise and why Tamilnadu wants to remove the EWS as a concept itself. Even from other states and centre.

Ready ?

Two reasons why Tamilnadu cannot give the EWS quota.

  1. Brahmins will come inside – in Tamil பாப்பான் உள்ள வந்துடுவான் – if TamizhBrahmins are given representation the the central weapon of Dravidian activism – the nonstop invective and hate propaganda has no meaning at all. The whole point is to keep a hostile environment alive and slowly remove the Tamil Brahmins from spheres of influence.
  2. Turns focus Inward. This is even more important than the first. Remember in Tamilnadu the OBC lists are completely opaque, data about individual communities who dominate the lists are kept as the highest level of state secret. Even the Supreme Court is unable or unwilling or cowardly to extract this most basic check (supra). The Dravidian ideology need the Tamil Brahmins to be outside. As long as the Dravidian movement has the “Oustide” to direct energy against they can keep the “Inside” list away from scrutiny. Imagine if Brahmin get their 3% – then there is hardly any point left to abusing them any longer. Hence the public attention will turn INSIDE and pressure for revealing data will instantly shoot up. This will end the “Non Brahmin” collective and transitively the Dravidian ‘movement itself.

As Prof E. Annamalai has explained beautifully the spectacular longevity and political success of the Dravidian movement depends on maintaining the “Non Brahmin” as a unit. The main tool to maintain the “Non Brahmin” is virulent Anti-Tamil-Brahmin saturation propaganda. Today this propaganda dominates Tamil social media like Twitter and YouTube.

Top 6 – spurious and petty arguments from Drav-Tamils on EWS

Here is a list of petty arguments put forth by Tamils (Dravidian bent) which have been swallowed by the less curious and less capable Congress party itself. It is a testament to the Supreme Court judges abilities that such petty stratagems have not been shredded and shown their place.

Reservation is not a poverty alleviation scheme

It isn’t an unjust enrichment scheme either.

Social justice is about representation

Awesome. Then the entire scheme has to be based on representation data. Lets start with Tamilnadu PG Medical data for instance. This is the high echelon goods. Lets see the breakup data by caste.

EWS is against the philosophy of social justice

What is the philosophy of social justice in concrete terms.

Philosophy of social justice is to help historically oppressed castes not Brahmins

How can 97% of Tamilnadu be historically oppressed ? See here it is quacking like a duck and walking like a duck. Hence it is merely a way to enforce an Tamil Brahmin exclusion based on anti-Semitic logic.

103 Amendment excludes poor among OBC

A contradictory claim from the likes of Karti Chidambaram (A Chettiar who is assumed to be in Forward caste list) this also forms the minority dissent of the two judges. Firstly, If reservation is not a poverty alleviation scheme why do you care about poor among OBC? Crocodile tears. Secondly, we are discussing a constitution amendment to enable unreserved castes there is nothing that prevents Tamilians from introducing a 10% sub-quota within the OBC 50% (BC+Muslim+MBC) for poor among the non Brahmins.

All judges are Brahmins

Then why do Tamil-Dravidians who claim to represent all Tamil Non-Brahmins even bother with the court arguments and judgement contents ? Is it to demonstrate that Dravidians are immune from contempt laws. Do you people want a reasonable debate with Anti-Semitic like outlook. How come you people welcomed the same Manuwadi Brahminical judiciary for releasing all of Rajiv Gandhi and 16 others assassins?

the same Brahmins judiciary

We have problem with 8Lakhs income limit the “அரிய வகை ஏழைகள்” rare type of poor people ?

Hmm, in that case you Dravidian-Tamils would have litigated the income criteria. Hence this is a merely a Tequiyyah (an Evil lie) a stratagem. Kerala income limit is 4Lakhs – they are still alive.

These EWS cartoons made by Dravidian-Tamils prove the real nature of people like RCI

Sweet Chellam..!! See how you people have reduced the debate to its bare elements. That is how I like it. Bare faced.

What next

The plan would be to activate the Idea of India ecosystem journalists and lawyer assets and build up a corpus of articles in mainstream media. Then follow up with a review petition. I notice they have already tied up with a constitutional level expert lawyer.

As shown above implementing EWS in Tamilnadu has the potential of ending the Dravidian movement. Hence the extreme noise. All other states have seen the moral argument “If every other caste has a share the judiciary isnt doing its job then I see nothing wrong in a safety net for unreserved?” This simple reasoning cannot be absorbed by Dravidian Tamils because it defeats one of the key imperatives of the Dravidian movement itself. An Anti-Semitic like urge to expel.

Dravidians report my twitter account for ArakkarPeriyar

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Every ideology needs ideologues. The ideologues make the ideology. Politics is downstream of ideology.

The Dravidian ideology is at its most fundamental form an ideology of hate against a particular birth based group – the Tamizh Brahmins. This has been documented extensively by me on this blog and on my twitter account. It you removed this noise the ideology goes down proportionately. What can be grievance of Tamil Non Brahmins AFTER capturing 100% political power – they recently celebrated a 100% cleaned MLA (Assembly)

In this pattern, the real political power rests on these ideologues who fuel the politics. This is why the Nazis groomed Julius Streicher – the sheer utility of such zealous and inconsolable personalities will propel the politics forward. Hence Tamilnadu politics isnt like other states. It is like a low grade version of interwar Germany.

The mysterious account @arakkarperiyar

On twitter the number one Tamil personality who posts hate messages non stop is the account @arakkarperiyar – the cadence is stunning. Rat tat tat tat .. he keeps on and on. Very few RT and almost all original and almost all venomous messages against a group.

Can you ignore him?

Can you merely ignore hate messages plastered all over social media by zealots ?

That depends on the society you are in.

Firstly, Tamil society is unique because the hate is targeted at “Tamizh Brahmin” not at a concept or an opinion. As Sartre would say Dravidianism isnt an opinion – you arent against or for an ‘opinion” – Solar energy, abortion, gay rights, crypto, anti vaxx are all opinions. Being Anti Brahmin isnt an opinion, it is like anti-Semitism.

Today the Non Brahmins have arrived at the place where they define themselves as the “group that is exempt from this hate”. Second the state has to protect the hate speech. That is a crucial element. Instead of reporting such hate messages themselves they either absorb the messages or negotiate. If neither is the case, then it would take an extreme set of fools to expend such megatons wasteful negative energy.

You can observe this in the non-brahmin allies they never ever go after the source of the power. How come it is only I who fights Arakkar Periyar and Vedaalam and Kryes.

I engage with Arakkar Periyar to show

  • That his non stop hate tweets which are all criminal under IPC 153/295/505 are being watched
  • The other side can also speak in the same abusive tone – in the same Idioms in Tamil which removes his double meaning Tamil language swag. a low one.

So here is what happened.

Arakkar Periyar and Twitter support

Arakkar Periyar completely unprovoked posts a grotesque image depicting a Hindu God Krishna and trampling on a poor wretch. The Tamil in the image says “Minorities

His message says


பார்ப்பனச் சுரண்டலுக்கு எதிராக புரட்சி வெடிக்காமல் இருப்பதற்கு காரணம் ஜாதி!

The only reason a revolt isnt breaking out against Brahmins exploitation is caste !

Imagine there is a speaker in your town , every town , that continuously blares such grotesque messages and claims ‘free speech’. You can ignore it – and go about your business. What if it blares speech against you? your family? your caste? your tribe? This was exactly the power of Nazi propaganda. And bingo you see the pattern here in Tamilnadu.

If you ignore it out of fear of being made the target : well that is the actual power that rules you. DMK/ ADMK/ BJP merely represent levels of treaties with the real power.

In any case i responded with this

In Tamil :

Hey (enda) – you are so shy and afraid to reveal your own caste (lips and thigh shaking a Tamil idiom) you want to ask other castes to take up the task of killing brahmins (a figure of speech and not alien to Dravidian their leaders have multiple times asked for killing) – group thief.

The message is : He directs violence against Brahmins by asking for a revolt against their exploitation. Hence I confront him about his own caste location.

This is how Tamil sounds like in that idiom. Notice that I did not abuse women, or persons, I just used the idioms that people connect in Tamil. 99% of Tamil accounts talk like this.

Then he goes

The Dravidian says in Tamil

People like you spit licking dogs – you come and perform rituals and beg and scrounge for food. Then do mouth bhajans. LIke that you have also come to me – you son of Aandaal (a Vaishanavite Tamil saint).

ps; a Dravidian Tamil trope ஆண்டாள் மவனே denotes Aandaal the Vaishnavite Tamil saint as a prostitute. Hence instead of saying the word ‘Pros son” the clever boy says “aandaal mavane”. Can you believe a society that elevates this?

Then he goes on

In Tamil : “After I said you and your family for a banana will come and get down on knees and recite something (mantras). scoundrel broker ..” notice Tamil male double meaning and the cleverness in delivery. He is constructing image of a Brahmin priest performing some ritual and getting some fruits in exchange.

To that I reply

In Tamil : Dei ecchi – even I can speak abusing your family I dont. Even the DK (parent of DMK and ADMK) people do not cross the line by abusing family. Even police wont condone this ..

Recall I said, ideology needs ideologues and propagandists. This is a key pillar of the entire Dravidian edifice. You might wonder how it is that an obscure Tamil language account can be so important. How was Streicher important? How was Felicien Kabuga so important? Hate ideologies rest on these.

I explain to a sympathizer

My Tweet in Tamil : About a dozen echi zealots (despicable – spit an idiom in Tamil speech) are the pulse of Dravidam.

This is indeed a true statement without any abuse.

Twitter court and the Jamal Khashoggi incident

What followed next was mass report and Twitter locking my account.

I appealed and ‘bammm’ within 2 minutes got a email saying Appeal Rejected your account is locked. This is quite interesting because could indicate some Tamil speaking moderator is showing quite a bit of extraordinary interest in this case. Not to mention wanton blindness to my explanation and political affiliation with a dangerous ideology.

I am not going to delete those tweets or give Twitter my phone number to unlock.

So for now – I am out.

It is good because I can go back to my blog.

I very much recall the Twitter – Khashoggi incident so the platform is only usable as long as it is safe.

Read this “A Troll Army and a Twitter Insider” (New York Times)

What is the way to defeat Dravidian virulent Anti-Brahminism

It isnt easy because the society has been tuned by a century of canards and hate propaganda. An insipid India/New Delhi which reflects the apathy and lack of curiosity of the Indian people at large.

The common legal avenues are to get the Police involved and report the hate tweets and book the culprit Arakkar Periyar and similar persons under 153/295 and so on. But this has been normalised and elevated to such an extent by the Tamil state itself that it is unthinkable in Tamilnadu.

Engaging with the political face or the ‘negotiating face’ of this ideology will not yield benefits.

I suggest. Chronicle what you see. Spot and track the sources of venom. I myself have vacated dozens of Dravidian-Tamil accounts even in the English tweeting elite sections. We live in a country where New Delhi cannot be bothered until it confronts it in the face. That is the time when they will listen to the vanguard elements.

Non Brahmin elites like Mohan Kumaramangalam , Karti Chidambaram and others who would normally be expected to deal with this are silent. It is either because they enjoy it themselves or they are afraid of it. Either way – it shows where the real power of Dravidian ideology lies. It is in the unchecked hate speech driven by a handful of venomous accounts like his and the power of the crowd. They maintain the cadence and buzz – amplified by others. Encouraged by the state apparatus.

Recurring theme of prostitutes in Dravidian ideological source material

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Tamilnadu is rocking now after the former Union Minister Mr A. Raja made a speech saying as long as Tamils stay hindus they will be treated as sons of prostitutes. TN BJP leader Annamalai shared this

Within the Tamil sphere the Dravidians have near total control of the discourse. Using a technique of gifts and barbarian management they manage to buy or squelch any dissent.

The prostitute motif is a such a fundamental motif in Tamil language original source material of Dravidian ideology. I shared a video as well.

However English books on Dravidian ideology are hard to come by. A few days back I was able to find a publication in English called “The Collected Works of Thanthai Periyar EV Ramasami – published in 2007 by Dr K. Veeramani under the Periyar Self Respect Propaganda Institution” Hence it is official.

The book is available on Archive at this link

This post is an effort to document the centrality of the Dravidian technique

  • Use of Ad-nauseam repetition of Tamilians are Shudrans are Tevudiya Mavan (Prostitutes Son)
  • Ignoring all reason and evidence that the elite in Tamilnadu are NonBrahmins the same Prostitutes sons as per their insistence
  • Incite the masses with ‘are you going to keep quiet he called your mother ..’
  • Link this stigma , which they themselves create, to the continuation of Tamils in the Hindu fold and offer a peace deal. Move out of HInduism – you are no longer called that.

English loses a lot of the raw vulgarity of Tamil, but I want to document in this post how prevalent and fundamental this theme is to the survival of the Dravidian ideology.

So far as god is concerned we find the Christians and Muslims, somewhat
reformed from the olden days of barbarians. They say that there can be only
one god. They say that it is beyond human comprehension. They say that god
does good to those who are good and punishes those who are bad. They say
that god has no name or shape. They talk of good qualities. We need not
worry about their god. Wise people accept their gods because they feel that
their god would serve the purpose of creating a better society. What about
Hindus and their thousands of gods created by Brahmins.? Why should
Hindus worship so many gods? How did they come? See what are all made
as gods! From cow, horse, bullock, monkey, bandicoot, stone, birds, metals,
paper, all are deemed as gods. When I was in Kasi (Varanasi in North India –
a holy town for Hindus), I saw two dogs being worshipped. Moreover gods
have wives, concubines, and prostitutes. These gods are believed to eat, sleep
and reproduce. They also have marriages and funerals.
Let them attribute anything to these gods. Kidnapping girls, gods
enjoying with prostitutes are celebrated as festivals. Crores of rupees are
wasted for these. The precious time of the people is wasted. Think over,
whether all these are things to be done in the 20th Century.

One God of Chrstians and Muslims – Page 56

while talking Manu

Is there a country where the people of the land are termed as the sons of
prostitutes? Is there a place where the toiling masses of the land are degraded

Manu Dharma Code of Injustice to NON-Brahmins – Page 87

long rant about Brahma Urvashi Prostitute etc

ld not leave it. He went straight to the
bush. The female bear yielded to Brahma. God Brahma enjoyed with the
bear, and a human being with the head of a bear was born. He is called Jambu
Vandan, the son of Brahma.
(12) The Brahma met Urvasi, a prostitute. He was much moved by her
beauty. He wooed her and made an agreement. Accordingly after enjoying
her, he left the semen extracted from the womb
of his daughter padma and
left in the womb of Urvasi. The child born was named Vasistan. After
performing all these increditable acts, god Brahma transferred his powers to
Vasistan and went away to perform penance.

Page 90

Repeating the nonbrahmins are nothing but Sons of Prostitutes point over and over refer to Vaikom

You were ruled by a Rajah, whereas we
were citizens of the British Government. Yet we are all “Sudras.” (Heirs of
We Dravidians were subjected to humiliation by the Brahmins. It
was the outcome of the hoax played on us, we continue to be “Sudras”.

25th and 26th Dec.1958 Speech in Kanyakumari referece to Vaikom Page 106


We are called Sudras (sons of prostitutes) by Brahmins. Why should our
sons be called sons of prostitutes? No one thinks of this disgrace. Those who
survive in politics do not care about it. They implicitly obey and submit to
what all the Brahmin says.

p 118

pervereted reading of Hindu Purana allegories as “prostituting”

Consider for a moment what these’ Azhwars’ have done. They attained
‘Moksha’ by prostituting their wives
. This is revealed in the ‘Purana’- Baktha
Vijayam. One ‘Sudra’, an Azhwar, gained a place in heaven by allowing his wife to
lead the life of a prostitute
. The Nayanmars gave their wives to Brahmins.
Even to this day the orthodox people propagate these things without shame or
self-respect. When I point out these things, I am accused of talking

p 119

canard that Constitution enshrines the Nonbrahmins are prostitutes sons

. Today the
government is in the hands of Brahmins, who call us as sons of prostitutes
(Sudras). That is why they have easily found safeguards in the Constitution
itself. According to law those who demand castes to be abolished have to be
prepared to undergo imprisonment for three years.

According to Hindu law we are ‘ Sudras’
for more than 3000 years. We are sons of prostitutes for over 3000 years. Our
Constitution gives full protection to this evil.

p 119

In 1943 pleading to support the British because Brahmins called ‘his group’ prostitutes sons

According to Hindu law we are ‘ Sudras’
for more than 3000 years. We are sons of prostitutes for over 3000 years. Our
Constitution gives full protection to this evil.

Call to youth in Trichy 21-2-1943, p 122

Ramayana and Periyapuram are about Prostitution says Draviidan movement

Even as Ramayana is considered to be an epic by Hindu Vaishnavites, the
Hindu Saivites consider Periyapuranam as their epic. One cannot easily state
that there is anything to be learnt by the people. Indiscipline, prostitution and
things devoid of self respect abound, in these epics

Unwise Literatures , p 130

deep and obscene literal perverted interpretation about Semen which as allegories in Murugan

The birth of Rama is an absurdity. He was born to the Brahmins who
performed ‘Yaga’. The birth of Kandan is still worse. When the semon of
Paramasivan fell down, the earth was not able to bear it. So it was directed
towards sea. Kandan was born there.

p 130

Notice how cleverly the Dravidians follow up the enraging prostitute canard with call to violence

Would any one agree to part away with his wife, just because a poet has excelled in
his imagination? How could anyone emulate the example set by the devotees.
Should not such men be beaten black and blue?

p 130

Feminist Dravidian males saying prostitutes are evil max

A prostitute or a thief does not think about the interests of the general
public. The actors and producers are also like that.

On Cinema , p135

Mettupalayam 1971 – again driving the Hindu = Shudra = Sons of Prostitute

We are called “Shudras”. “Shudra” means the son of a prostitute. When
we ask how, they say Sastras say so, or someone said so, and god said so long

p 165 – Speech deliverd by Mr EV Ramaswamy (Periyar) Mettupalayam

Calling Tamizh brahmins as those willing to prostitute their women to a Reddiar minister who is also son of prostitute.

He told me his status in life is that of a minister. He replied that he is a Reddiar by caste. Stating the caste as Reddy, Gounder, Naidu, Naicker are all names we have created. But according to shastras, religion and tradition we are all “Shudras” the fourth caste. This continues to exist from a
long time. We have started the movement to crusade against this long lasting disgraceful status. After that I asked him what is meant by “Shudra”.

I myself explained to him that “shudra” means the son of a prostitute.Then I continued to speak to him. I said, “You have high degree of education. You have passed B.A., B.L., You were a minister for three years. Again you are a now a minister. You are still a “Shudra” the son of a prostitute. You are not ashamed of your low social status.

You are not ashamed of your low social status. A fellow who begs at you, a fellow who is willing to prostitute his womenfolk for you, calls himself as a high born. You accept him as superior in caste. You prostrate at his feet”

page 168 – Mettupalayam speech Periyar

The Dravidian leader repeating the enraging canard of son of prostitutes and following up with call to action to beat Rama and Krishna with chappals

Should we not ask as to who called us, as Shudras meaning sons of
? Is it your god Krishna? If so where did he say? If it is in Gita,
should we not take our sandals and beat Krishna and Gita?
If you are afraid,
then you live as a Shudra. What if, we beat Rama with sandals?

p 171

beating Rama and Krishna with chappals using the Tamil Hindus are Son of Prostitutes pretext.

Inciting the (largely underclass rural Tamil) crowd

What will be our future, if we do not take the footwear and beat that Krishna. When we
say that he must be beaten with chappals, people get angry. But they do not
get angry when he says that we are born to prostitutes. Are we to agree that
our mothers are all prostitutes?

p 172

Sexual Gods as having many wives and concubines.

(Apart from Prostitutes , the Concubine plays a very important part in Dravidian radical nonbrahmin ideology)

You see how we are made fools. If it is true that god is the embodiment of virtues, how could we see the gods having relations with prostitutes?
Gods Subramania, Shiva, Vishnu, Krishna all are having concubines as
per the Epics! Does anyone ask why they need concubines apart from so
many wives!

p 178

Aggressive and deep – perverted polemical attacks on Hindu Gods. Prostitute this , prostitute that..This is not creative interpretation but perverted interpretation. Arranged to invoke disgust in underclass nonbrahmin Tamils by calling them Dravidians.

The god at Srirangam comes to Uraiyur in search of a
These Brahmins carry the god on their shoulders. They wait for the
whole night. Again in the morning they carry the stone idol back to
Srirangam. This is celebrated as a festival every year. Just like this during
festivals you find the gods going to the houses of prostitutes
. No god could be
considered as having any respect for morality. The character and conduct of
Shiva as well as Vishnu is pictured very badly. Do you think the people could
raise their standards by using these gods? Is there any possibility of having a
society with high moral standards? Should there be a wife and a prostitute for

p 179.

There is always this – Punch with a ‘you are sons of prostitutes’ opening punch and then allow the audience to escape out by ‘why are you still calling yourself a hindu’

Is it not that Ramayana was written by Brahmins to put us to shame and disgrace? Why should we be
called Shudras which means sons of prostitutes? Why should Rama kill the Shudras? In that case why should we call ourselves as Hindus?

Epics – p 183

Prelude to a long and obscene religious attack on ‘birth mythologies of various Hindu Gods like Rama, the Dravidian-Tamils ask if Hindu Goddesses are Prostitutes

You see these Brahmins made Sita a deity to be worshipped. Rama’s character you all know! He was made a god. The Brahmins did not leave with that. They made his wife also a goddess.
What will a foreigner think of us? Would he hesitate to say our gods are
scoundrels? Our goddesses are prostitutes?

p 184

Temple festivals in Tamilnadu are about Prostitutes, prostitutes, and more prostitutes.

Apart from this, every year you have festivals 3 or 4 times. Youths longeagerly to see the girls in the festival times. The girls dress up well and come to temples and festivals to woo the lads. It is their meeting that is called festivals. A few years ago to attract crowds, the prostitutes were invited to the
temples. In a big temple festival, even 100 prostitutes were invited. Every prostitute used to go to the temple festival in her place.

Critque on Temple Festivals – p 190

Twisting (perverting) an allegory from Tamil Bhakti lit – a polemical attack technique

But what about us? We are still worshipping the grinding stone, the idol of lingam as god. We perform marriage to it. We take the idol to the prostitute house.

p 192

THis blog is about cataloging the “prostitute” motif in Dravidian basic literature. Of course these are 10 times that hating on Tamil Brahmins as a group, not an as abstract ‘elite’ construct.

Imagine that the thieves have entered and robbed the valuables of the
dwellers in the house. The owners of the stolen property lodged a compliant
with the police. The police traced the robbers and restored the stolen
properties to the real owners. Supposing the robbers raise a cry and protest
with threats, what would any sensible man think? Are not the Brahmins like
those robbers?

Freedom from Whom : p 221 ( supporting British rule as anti-brahmin)

back to the prostitute meme

In asking for proportional reservation notice how Dravidians cleverly divide into 3% – then 75-80% (periyar calls them sons of prostitutes shudras) then SC/ST (20%) Notice how there is no internal differentiation – the trick here is to rally that as a group and allow the elite inside of that to skim. They dont mind tarring themselves as sons of prostitutes to avail of that.

What is the nature of our country? You have Brahmins, Sudras (the heirs
of prostitutes)
and Panchamas (the Untouchables) as different and distinct

p 221

Opining on nature of marriage ( certainly not scientific basis of pair bonding) simple and crude

There can be no change in it normally.
If anything against it happens and the married couple, either the male or the
female develops love towards a different person, there can be no love at all. It
is called prostitution.
Under no circumstances, it could be accepted as an act
of true love.

Family partnership : p 237

In Russia – pleasure as basis of marriage. no need for prostitutes.

They simply need a partner for pleasure. They desire a partner to spend their leisure time with joy. They seek a partner to satisfy their natural instincts. They live as friends. This is the relationship between a man and a woman there.

They exchange kisses before going to work. If they dislike each other they simply write on a card and place it on the dining table. In it will be written “we willingly lived together happily till today. I do not wish to be so hereafter. Let us part away”. They get separated without any hitch or trouble.
There you cannot find a man who is in love with the wife of someone else.

There is no talk on molesting or raping or eloping. Force is not used for love affairs. This sort of relationship between a man and a woman ensures individuals freedom. Everyone derives perfect contentment. Is this not suitable for the advancement of human society?

There is no justification for the prevalence of prostitution in such a State,

p 238

Opining on Child marriage linking to Hindu Shastraas

Our divine doctrines (Sastras) have proclaimed and still fulminate that
unless girls are married before they are ten years old, the unfortunate parents
will go to hell and the girls themselves exposed to promiscuity or

p 289

Prostitution will be thing of past. Is anyone opposed to Love based on Mutual Freewill.

Technique is to build upon Platitude and Non-Controversy and turn them into controversy.

Prostitution will be unknown, for the simple reason that unemployment
and hunger, which are the principal causes for that evil, will be absent. When
self-respect has attained a certain level, submission to another’s power will
not take place.

p 300 on Love Based on Mutual Freewill

Hindu doctrines turn Tamil NB into son of prostitutes

Where is the need to invite the Brahmin to perform the marriage? In the first place he is not one of the Dravidian people. In the second place he does not consider himself one amongst the people. In the third place he regards himself as belonging to the top caste and the other people as belonging to the
low caste. To follow the Puranas is purohitam. To adhere to the Vedas isVaideekam. In both cases the Dravidian people are treated as Sudras meaning heirs of prostitutes.

p 321

Should there be caste – sons of prostitutes after 2000 yrs

The infamous ‘Varnasrama’ (Casteism system) dharma is still extant in India. The people, who were called Sudras (Sons of prostitutes) 2000 years ago still continue to be called such. Likewise the people, who were Brahmins 2000 years ago are still Brahmins. People born untouchable centuries ago arestill in the same unfortunate condition. Colour, habits, likes and dislikes, caste rules and principles have all changed, but the basis of casteism still continues to thrive on the basis of birth. How is this just? Should the term Sudra, which means progeny of the concubine or prostitute, still continue in
this 20th century?

Should there be caste – p 359

Religion – inciting jealousy and envy using lies. The richest people in Tamilnadu then and now Today are Non Brahmins. Who is ‘enjoying’?

The Brahmins made us Sudras (Sons of prostitutes or concubines) with the help of Sastras (Hindu dogmas) and Puranas (Mythologies). We have accepted the Hindu religion. We have dug tanks, built temples, donated wealth. But who is enjoying? Brahmins only are enjoying.

p 377

If you the Dravidian nonbrahmin elite were so wealthy than has anyone stopped to tell you that the alleged ‘son of prostitute’ either had no impact or is an evil lie.

Who built the tall and the tapering towers? Who painted the gold at the
top? Who set the golden roof for Nataraja? Who built the ‘mandapam’ (Hall)
with 1000 pillars? Who worked hard to build the choultries? Has any
Brahmin given a single pie as donation for any of these, temples, tanks, and
charitable things? When this is the truth, why should we remain as Sudras
(Sons of prostitutes)?

p 381 (God)

Dump that GOd and pray to the other God that is kind and intelligible

Are you seeing the Dravidian segue??

Destroy the god that calls you a Sudra (Son of prostitute or concubine).
Destroy the ‘puranas (Mythologies) and the ‘ithihasas’ (epics) which give
strength to Hindu god. Pray the god that is really kind, good, and intelligible,
if any.

p 385

Yet Dravidians keep saying it over and over again. Brahmins never say it.

The word ‘Sudra’ which means ‘Son of prostitute’ should not find a place
even in the history hereafter. We will not allow it to find a place in the
dictionary or encyclopedia

p 387

Random thoughts on prostitution how to end – easily proved to be crude and childish.The west has all these and that hasnt ended prostitution.

Child marriage is abolished. If there is right to divorce, right for widows
to remarry and if women are now given certain rights, we will not see
prostitution in the country
. It will gradually disappear.

A male has the right to wander about as he pleases. He has the right to
marry any number of girls. This practice has led to prostitution.

p 410

Self respect thoughts

He who does not care for dignity, is no better than a prostitute, however
highly educated he is.

p 428

Miscellaneous thoughts on personal finance

Spending beyond one’s means, falling into debt, inevitably as a consequence, and then resorting to cheating the creditors, is demeaning. Even prostitution is not so bad as this! Worse than prostitution is spending extravagantly, by borrowing and suffering because of it. If one who earns Rs. 30 is a debtor and also one who earns Rs. 1000, what does it mean? He that cannot discipline himself suffers poverty, just as she that cannot control herself becomes a prostitute.

p 462

Deep vulgar attacks on Sita

Not going to go deeper into this. I have a lot of devout fans who might get disturbed. Just a sample

You are no better than a woman monger who lets his wife for hire and
makes his livelihood. You want to be profited by my prostitution.”

Dasaratha persuaded Rama to disregard his (Dasaratha’s) orders and
take possession of the kingdom. He desired all the State’s treasures, the army
and the prostitutes to follow Rama to the forest.

Has anyone wonderered why Dravidian ideology a self declared modern progressive social justice movement to the Non Tamil people engage in such crude tediour vulgar deep and grinding religious attacks. Invariably pornographic in its handling of women.

According to “Ramayana by Valmiki” first verse in Bala Kandam, Chapter 2, “Rama, after sending Sita to the forest reigned the country for ten thousand years. He also made many Aswametha Yagams-vide Uttara Kandam, Chapter 99. It is stated that this verse was interpolated to keep Sita
beyond suspicion. Thus Sita’s pregnancy was found out within a month and
thereafter she was taken to the forest by Lakshmana. While in the forest Sita
showed Lakshmana the formation of her pregnancy and added that it was
four months old. She said to Lakshmana “See my stomach! My pregnancy is
four months old.”

p 490

Forget about everything. Demand and ask why deep and obscene religious attack on Hindu epics and faith is a bedrock of a progressive movement.

Thee Midhi (Fire walking) Dravidians call the women who perform that as prostitutes.

It may appear as superhuman, to hear that she entered the fire-field, but really it
is no wonder because we see even today, even prostitutes treading the fire-
fields during temple festivals
. Not only prostitutes do so, but also rogues and
scoundrels are walking over the fire-field even to-day

p 523

Such documentation efforts are essential to fight back.

I hope others are inspired by my example and read the original source material. Explain it.

Is EWS 103rd Amend a constitutional fraud

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A really quick post, there is just too much on my plate now. Sort of dismaying at complete absence of engagement by ruling party at centre on such a monumental issue challenging their biggest (only core) legislation in 8 yrs. So here it is.

A full take on the EWS quota is here in this post

  • The EWS quota is a child of the OBC (Other Backward Classes quota) regime.
  • The absence of judicial check on the OBC quota regime is the root cause of the problem. As I keep saying this represents an egregious delinquency on the part of the Supreme Court. Even Ambedkar during the LS Debate on the 1st Amendment was emphatic that the Court would provide the check against runaway. That has proven to be false – as the SC has shown it is committed to grandstanding.

One must first understand Tamilnadu situation.

  • The 76th Amendment passed in 1994 by PV Narasimha Rao provided Tamilnadu immunity of its reservation system from judicial challenge by including in the 9th schedule under Art 31(B) (A list of non challengeable items)
  • The Supreme court sat on this for 17 years !! then after huffing and puffing made a judgment in July 2010 (during UPA2 time). In that they disposed of all challenges and requested Tamilnadu Govt to give ‘quantifiable data; (which means breakup of castes that comprise the OBC list – the magic secret code if you will)
  • Tamilnadu simply submitted a frivolous report the Janarthanam Commission findings with no data and in tone telling the Supreme Court to in effect mind its own business. Read this report by MIDS P. Radhakrishnan “Perpetuating the scourge of caste

How many OBC in Tamilnadu

We have analyzed MBBS admissions data over the years before and after NEET. We also have the NSSO findings which peg the OBC data at a remarkable 76% in Tamilnadu. This combined with SC (20%) and ST(1%) puts only 3% in the “Forward castes” excluded from reservation cover.

YOu can see that the Tamilnadu follows the Dravidian imperative of using the social justice provisions in the constitution to exclude a small minority. There is no check against this. There is no reason why this cannot expand to other parts of the country either. This is where the EWS comes in. The word is a misnomer — because it only covers the persons NOT already covered in a reservation category.

Why are Dravidians leading the charge to ban EWS from other states

The 103rd Const Amend is only an enabling amendment. It is very important to note that almost all states have notified the EWS rules. As a matter of fairness. Tamilnadu has not notified the EWS in that state. The constitution amendment does not force any state to implement it.

So it is startling that Dravidians want to remove EWS from other states who have notified the EWS via their own popularly elected governments. As someone remarked on Twitter, imagine the vileness of this.

I repeat I am not in favour of economic quota EXCEPT as a bulkwark safety net against rampant abuse of OBC quota and judicial delinquency.

Reservation is not a poverty alleviation program : Indians tend to get carried away with this punch dialogs. The right response is but Reservation is also not an unjust enrichment program. Without scrutiny of the lists – what you have is a judicially sanctioned theft of both social justice (under privileged who are crowded out from the inside group) and equality open competition crowded out from the outside as advanced castes included in the OBC list for political reasons fare better and better and also take open category seats.

So here is the gambit that must be offered : We will strike down EWS — IF Tamilnadu produces for public audit last 30 yrs utilization data. Then watch the response. You will find what I said is right. EWS Is nothing but a check and balance against OBC misuse flowing from judicial delinquency.

Trail of places where Mr Kannabiran Ravishankar claimed a University of California, Berkeley PhD

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We have documented the toxic unbecoming profile of Mr Kannabiran Ravishankar (@kryes on twitter), who was recently awarded a PhD A Degree of Doctor of Letters (Honoris Causa) by a University in the state of Tamilnadu (India)

Mr Kannabiran Ravishankar (second from right) during the convocation where he received his PhD D.Litt from Periyar Maniammai University in presence of Chancellors, Vice Chancellors, and a High Court Judge

Delivering the convocation address at the Periyar Maniammai Institute of Science and Technology at Vallam near here on Saturday, the Madras High Court judge said that nowadays social media was playing a major role in manipulating the thinking ability of the people.


More than 1,000 students received their degrees on the occasion, which was attended by the PMIST Periyar Maniammai Institute of Science and Technology at Vallam) chancellor, K.Veeramani, vice-chancellor, S.Velusami and others. A Degree of Doctor of Letters (Honoris Causa) was presented to Kannabiran Ravishankar, Adjunct Professor in Comparative Literature (Tamil), University of Paris.

source : The Hindu dated Aug 20, 2002

Doctorate in Tamil claim from University of California, Berkeley

Mr Kannabiran Ravishankar has consistently claimed he had a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley. Those with knowledge of Tamil and not of the Dravidian ideology never believed it. It would be a miracle if such a foul character with no demonstration of reasoned thinking held a doctorate from one the worlds most premier Universities. More so when he claimed his dissertation was private and even an abstract was not visible anywhere.

In this post we document various places where he claimed to be a doctorate from Berkeley.

Published books

In the book Ariyapataatha Tamizh Mozhi அறியப்படாத தமிழ்மொழி ( The Tamil language not known ) published by Tatakam Press (Chennai – Tamilnadu) and made available with much fanfare at book fairs.

Book 1 UC Berkeley PhD Claim Ariyapadaatha Tamizh Mozhi (2018)

Evidence 1: LInk on Amazon

In the preface itself he claims he holds a Phd from University of California at Berkeley.

The underlined part says (in Tamil) … “in UC Berkeley in Tamil language one who received a Doctorate and also working as a part time professor”

Book 2 UC Berkeley claim in தமிழா? சம்ஸ்கிருதமா? Tamizha? Samskiruthama? (2021)

This book published as recently as Apr 29 2021. He repeats the claim he has a PhD from UC Berkeley Tamil.

Evidence : Amazon link

And in the preface

The underlined part now says ,” in University of California Berkeley from the Comparative Literature Department received a PhD degree, in New York Columbia University and in University of Paris who has worked there (sic)” He means this department “Comparative Literature”

Editor in Chief of Dravida Pozhil journal

Periyar Maniammai University runs an academic journal called Dravida Pozhil which can be found at their website

Mr Kannabiran Ravishankar is the editor of this academic journal

The editorial board of the academic journal of Periyar Maniammai University (Tamilnadu) India.

and the editorial board. I have circled Dr Soma Ilangovan who is a leading co-ordinator of Dravidian-Tamil associations in United States and associate in the United States and is close to Prof Dr. George L Hart from the SSEAS in UC Berkeley.

In the journal Dravida Pozhil Volume 2, Issue 1 | January 2022 – March 2022

Evidence : Journal Volume 2, Issue 1 (PDF)

he claims in the author profile itself.

Academic paper : Dravida Pozhil Inaugural issue Vol 1 Issue 1 “Dravidian canvas in Sanga Tamil” (PDF)

Again in Dravida Pozhil inaugural issue which was launched in Tamilnadu with much fanfarea

and the claim

One of the Tamil (Dravidian) scholars hosted the Dravida Pozhil at another renowned American University U.Penn which would increase its reputation in Google and in the Scholar community.


He created a profile on that for the untrained eye looks like

He has deleted that page after this but here it is from the archives.

Evidence :

Claims as a Post Doc with SSEAS University of California Berkeley

He deleted the profile but notice the CV page carefully, he claimed until very recently that was was a Post-Doc at School of South and South East Asian Studies SSEAS at University of California Berkeley, Click on the web.archive link and zoom in to this part

Quora profile with UCBerkeley

His quora profile where he claims UC Berkeley PhD. The Tamil says PhD from UC Berkeley

Evidence from his own Twitter account @kryes

The following evidence trail from his own twitter account followed and promoted by the top most Tamilnadu politicians. He frequently posts pictures taken with them , will be releasing them shortly.

Claims renowned UCB professor George L Hart as his guide

In 2014 May in the middle of his “PhD study” at Berkeley he put out tweets saying George L Hart was his guide to his friends.

His friend (identity blurred) straightaway asks if George L Hart was his guide and he says “Yes!!”

in another tweet he confirms that his Department was School of South and South East Asian studies at UC Berkeley.

To another friend of his Mr SKP Karuna a popular Tamil tweeter and leader he confirms that he had received an email that his dissertation was accepted.

Did Prof George Hart not know that Mr Kannabiran Ravishankar was not a PhD? How was he introduced to him?

Using a fake graduation photo

This one was comical when it came out. A University of California, Berkeley PhD is something to be super proud of. Yet he released a picture of his graduation in a blurred format. In that time he was maintaining a line that some Tamils would be upset at his Comparative Literature thesis.

In 2017 he posted something about a Doctorate then he posts an image of processed image appearing to be him with a PhD diploma, then she asks what was the Doctorate on and he says ” I got it 1.5 yrs ago Doctor of Literature (Tamil)” This was mixed with constant photos of Berkeley city and the bay area to make it appear he was there.

We ran some algo check on the image and found it to be lifted from a online graduation gown catalog with some facial similarity with Mr Ravishankar.

Claiming to have been invited to deliver a lecture at UCBerkeley on Tamil and Islam

The tamil says “Islam and Tamil, Berkeley university I have been requested to deliver a research speech. In the same institution I studied in, I am given an exposition. I am smiling”

Notice the number of likes and retweets. As I already said, he is a very influential propagandist in the Dravidian ideology ecosystem.

Using a letter fom UCBerkeley Prof Dr. George L Hart to certify himself

This is the most serious part. Involving reputation of The distinguished scholar and Prof Emeritus Dr. George L Hart and the entire Univ of California, Berkeley SSEAS dept.

When confronted about the missing credentials Mr Kannabiran produced a letter written by Prof Hart commending him as a way to say ‘look the top international scholar has certified me‘.


In Tamil he says

Here is a certification from the world renowned international professor Prof. Dr. George Hart , the first scholar to work for getting classical status for Tamil.

Only the wise intellectuals will recognize other wise

Only the learned men want more and more relationship with other learned (Moothurai – Old Tamil Poetry)

How was Prof Hart conned

From what I gather the distinguished professor is kindly to a fault. He trusted an acquaintance of Mr Kannabiran (see circled picture of the editorial board of the academic journal above) who also happened to be his friend. He did not cross check Mr Kannabiran’s claims with the UCBerkeley Dept of Comparative Literature This was a long con in the making. He then trustingly edited some work and also gave a letter of recognition. Now that letter is being used to prop up the hoax.

Mr Kannabiran Ravishankar alleged Dissertation topic as he claims was bang centre of Professor Hart’s territory comparing Kamban and Ilango the Tamil poets with Shakespeare Shelly. If this was known to Prof Hart it would certainly piqued his curiosity that such a PhD Dissertation was not done in his department SSEAS but in the Dept of Comparative literature (COMPLIT) Again how was he introduced to Prof Hart. We have to wait for a clarification.

Confirmed from Berkeley so far

We have confirmation from University of California, Berkeley School of South and South east asian studies that none of the current professors know anyone by that name.

We have confirmation from Prof Dr George L Hart that Mr Kannabiran Ravishankar was never his student and he only trusted a close friend (circled in above picture) and agreed to write a letter. He merely trusted Mr Kannabiran Ravishankars’ self declaration that he had a Doctorate from the Dept of Comparative Literature in the same University.

We have confirmation from the Asst Director of Media Relations and Communications Univ of California, Berkeley that there are no records of a Kannabiran Ravishankar at their University.

The latest claim that is in opposition to his earlier claim is that he did not get his PhD from SSEAS but from the Department of Comparative Literature, does not seem to fit at all. The department strengths seem to be in English and Greek,Russian,Persian etc. We checked the department alumni and the faculty list he wasnt there. While it is possible some alumni may choose not to be listed, it is out of character for such a loud person.

Mr Kannabiran claims that the thesis title was “The Comparative Nuances of Drama and Social Justice between the Master Poets – Shakespeare Shelley Ilango and Kamban” -(2015)

Neither the thesis nor any publications of Mr Kannabiran Ravishankar can be found

The following is from a long winded clarification issued by Mr Kannabiran Ravishankar ( It is in Tamil)

All combinations and words were searched with ProQuest and using CALID in the UC System. There are no publications at all not only in UCBerkeley but in any other US university on ProQuest.


As shown above, University of California, Berkeley, distinguished professor George Hart’s, SSEAS, and Comp Lit departments names are being widely used in Tamil language out of sight to scaffold a very unsavory and unscholarly con man we know in Tamil sphere.

This person is being elevated sky high with a Honorary Doctorate in big events in front of 1000s of youth boy and girl graduates and feted by Vice Chancellors and Judges by a powerful ecosystem with the “Dravidian” ideology.

An official note from UCB Authorities and a clarification from Prof Hart himself would help. All legal steps must be taken against this.

The event where distinguished top academics from Tamilnadu conferred the honorary doctorate and also mentioned about he “Previous doctorate” from University of California, Berkeley.

More links

Other claims as Professor (Adjunct) CNRS University of Paris – Sorbonne

No one is unable to find any online trace, former students, his name in University Directory or any other evidence such as University Email of this claim.

Fake claim of Professor (Adjunct) at the CNRS Paris – Sorbonne University

In a conference organized by Periyar International USA in 2019 at Silver Springs MD, USA. Mr Ravishankar Kannabiran presented himself as a Professor in CNRS Paris (Sorbonne) and did not mention his UCBerkeley PhD presumably because Prof George Hart was also a speaker and he might have gotten curious.

Periyar International Conference where the CNRS Paris was claimed

The founder and chief of Periyar International Inc is the same Soma Ilangovan who is close to Prof Hart. It was inaugurated in 1994 in the presence of Mr K. Veeramani who is the head of Dravidar Kazhagam the chief ideological body of the Dravidian ideology. He is also the Chancellor of the Periyar Maniammai University which conferred the Honorary PhD to Mr Kannabiran Ravishankar. The chain seems complete.

At the Periyar International Conference 2019 he was featured as a speaker adjacent to real unsuspecting scholars such as Prof George Hart (UCBerkeley) , US House of Representatives (D-MD) Jamie Haskin, and others. This was probably designed to place him in a company of scholars and selected US Congressmen Politicians and earn legitimacy that way.

Congressman Jamie Raskin (D-MD)

Here Ravishankar Kannabiran openly claims he is a Professor at the CNRS University of Paris (Sorbonne).

The link is still there

We asked a renowned Prof Jean-Luc Chevillard of the CNRS if he knew this person.

Hence the CNRS claim in Periyar International Conference was outright fake. HIs name does not show up in University of Paris, Sorbonne directory search. He claims Adjunct Professors are low level and hence do not show up.

Stonybook University symposium

Evidence :

In the Stonybrook University College of Arts and Sciences a symposium was organized where Mr Kannabiran Ravishankar was placed alongside other real professors and a LINK from Dot.EDU domain. A trail of such claims with a link from a .EDU alongside other scholars were used to build a persona.

A few more pics about this symposium.

American Tamil Academy Advisory Board

AMA appears to be a group organizing various Tamil schools across the USA. They also produce print resources (books) for learning the Tamil language. Mr Kannabiran Ravishankar is in the Advisory Board . At least three members are also propagandists of Dravidian ideology – the ideological base is a virulently anti-brahmin(ical they say sort of) – in Tamil language in the state of Tamilnadu. They have been featured on Dravidian Professional Forum run by Dr P Thiyaga Rajan who is the current Finance MInister of the Indian state of Tamilnadu. Imagine this association many of whom are very Twitter savvy felt no qualms about appointing such a vulgar hateful and crass person to write text books to learn Tamil.



Now I understand many fake their degrees for various social and professional reasons. That is NOT the pattern here.

First, Mr Kannabiran Ravishankar is not just anyone as I explained he is major propagandist of the Dravidian Ideology – a political ideology. His continuous tempo as documented is a ‘drumbeat’ that sets the pace of the entire political discourse in the state of Tamilnadu and increasingly rest of India. He is of course not the only drumbeat, but he is the most prominent one. A UCBerkeley PhD and a Univ of Paris Sorbonne Professorship simply amplifies his vituperative tweets 100 fold. Which is why they went to such extent to platform him. More on this later.

Secondly, he was awarded a Honorary Doctor of Letters at the Periyar Maniammai University, Vallam, Tanjore. Where he was praised by Vice Chancellors, Chancellors, and a High court judge. This was in front of a 1000 students and parents. Now if we do not fact check this person – then a these innocent Tamil students will grow up looking up to him as a role model.

Kannabiran Ravishankar profile of a foul, vicious, misogynist anti-brahmin

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Those of us in Tamil internet have always known Mr Kannabiran Ravishankar ( aka kryes – who maintains a twitter account @kryes) as a high intensity abusive account with no trace of scholarship, erudition, grace, composure, integrity, control of language or any of the attributes one would expect from an academic. Let alone an academic who walked and won the corridors of elite institutions like University of California (Berkeley).

The modus of Mr Kannabiran Ravishankar twitter account are

  • High frequency – a tempo account that maintains a certain cadence to keep the buzz
  • Viciously anti Brahmin – by creating canards and regurgitating existing canards
  • In Tamil only – so the outside world needs an interpreter to know what is going on
  • Misogynistic – talks in the most foul language to women
  • Photos of Tamil brahmins used – swipes photos of Tamil brahmin families and abuses them
  • Uses photos of children – this is a criminal angle he swipes private photos of Tamil Brahmin children and uses their images to overlay canards and Dravidian anti-brahmin propaganda against them. We have initiated pursuing this as criminal matter with NCPCR (an Indian statutory body to protect children from being used in this manner)
  • In the midst of this – he tweets some pedantic and grammatical Tamil language tweets which are mostly of the nature of being looped back to defame and demonize Tamil Brahmins, Sanskrit, or Hindu Gods.
  • The language is always foul , vulgar, sexist and totally unbecoming of a ‘scholar’
  • Works his way into DMK (the ruling Dravidian party in Tamilnadu) leadership circles and posts photos with them.
  • Blocks anyone who at any point questions him.

In all, we the Tamil speaking non-Dravidian people, have NEVER at any point seen any scholarly output , basic civility or verbal hygiene from Mr Ravishankar Kannabiran. We have always questioned his credentials such as the alleged PhD he claims to have received from University of California (Berkeley). It was a laughable proposition that such a vulgar personality with such a poor capability for constructing questions and arguments would be from such a premier institution. His account simply produced foul nuggets that would be amplified and distributed by a dedicated cadre. Creating that “buzz” was his total output.

Proof of his online conduct while voluminous is scattered.

The goal of this post is to document this persona and put all the proof in one place.

Abusive vulgar tweets to Brahmin women mocking their traditional dress madisar

(Image Gallery click < > to move through)

This one is particularly vulgar unprovoked to a Tamil Brahmin woman

Evidence : Twitter ID date 15-Apr-2017

He talks like this to a woman tweeter over some generic

“while wearing the madisar saree, innerskirt and jatti (panties), dont you wear it (maateelaa – mocking a Tamil brahmin accent) what then is the shakti offering at that time Oy”

You can see the lady got shocked and deleted the tweet that proved his.

This is AFTER in 2017 he claims to have done the PhD in UC Berkeley and working as an Professor (Adjunct) in University of Paris (Sorbonne). Can you believe this ?

Then some more vulgar bedroom movie scenes from a B-grade movie to excite over Brahmin women and men in a bedroom content. I will leave it to your imagination. I invite friends to translate in the comments section.

Evidence :

Evidence ID

This is just a tiny sample of my collection.

Hindu gods abuse again vulgar and sexually

Once again you can see the obsession with panties (Jatti) the following shows Lord Shiva and Parvati and turns some general political statement from PM Modi into a polemical “rule that you cannot wear Jatti (panties)”

Evidence ID: Dated 03-11-2018

Next he uses the Dravidian slur word to denote Tamizh Brahmin women “Paapaathi” and plays a game on Murugan’s consort Goddess Deiyvanai revered by millions.

Next he perverts a prayer hymn Kantha Sasthi Kavacam sung into a vulgar overly featuring barely clad Tamil actresses. One may argue this is freedom of speech, but why would a UC Berkeley PhD do something like this at all times. Second, in India such religious vulgarity on other religions will result in INSTANT jail time under IPC 295.

Gallery click < > to move through the “KRYES Kantha Sasthi Kavacam”

Notice Lord Ganesha trunk .. he gets off on that.

He uses University of California at Berkeley and also University of Paris (Sorbonne) as qualifications. Both bogus. This identity helps make his propaganda way more potent.

We will be adding more there is a lot.

Vicious anti-brahmin attacks using private photos

The pattern is he steals photos from unsuspecting private collages perhaps by trawling Facebook or other search. And then overlays caustic toxic anti-brahmin propaganda on top.

Consider this one

Evidence ID:

This is Girija Vaidyanathan a well respected and clean IAS officer and Chief Secretary in Tamilnadu Govt

I distinctly recall watching with horror and helplessness when this picture came out.

He says (in Tamil )

A snake will strike without consideration of time

A Paapaathi (Dravidian slur word for Tamizh Brahmin women) will strike at the correct time

Understand that Paapaathi > Snake

Look at the number of Likes and RT’s this Dravidian cadre was his audience. Reporting such messages in prior to 2021 to twitter were of no use because it was in Tamil. They either had no translators or the contractors they use for Tamil work were infiltrated.

Once again, a public official isnt immune from trenchant criticism. However this is unique, his isnt critiquing her politiclly. Notice that. He goes for her Brahmin caste *only* . I hope more and more people will explore and understand the uniqueness of the Dravidian ‘ideology’

Another one calling her a “Paapathi Sirukki” Tamil speaks will know what it means to call a lady Sirukki..

Next we come to the actual criminal parts. It is next to impossible to book a Dravidian cadre in the state of Tamilnadu on such offences – we evidenced that during the U2Brutus handle vulgar attacks on Lord Nataraja.

Using private pictures of Tamizh Brahmins to attack them

He trawls the internet , one can guess Facebook and picks pictures of unsuspecting Tamil Brahmins across the world. Then uses those pictures to layer a anti-brahmin canard on it.

Evidence ID:

a private picture of a happy hindu tamil brahmin family. they are probably not even aware. He flicks their pictures and says in Tamil “In immature age itself caste violence they are putting, migrant Tamizh Brahmins, they dont know caste name, vedas , yet Fake pride” all canards.

Child pictures (Criminal parts – hence not sharing)

Pictures of minor children

We are currently preparing to approach the national child rights statutory body. Hence this falls under the criminal category.

Only to prove that we do have the material and not bluffing sharing a few evidence ID

Evidence ID :

and a heavily masked picture

This is only to beat back Dravidian supporters who would question if I am bluffing and not having evidence.

He says “Hey Great Sinners.. this baby will slur even when speaking Amma, is this going to speak Sama Veda, for this only Caste Thread, last name, and caste pride’

The rest I cant share at time because in my eagerness to show the world the real face of the Dravidian intellectual and Doctor of Letters, I did not want to propagate these pictures which will be used in a criminal proceedings going forward.

Foul abuse of Sanskrit using Tamil love as a cover

His tweets on Tamil grammatics are invariably tied to abusing Sanskrit and as a proxy Brahmins and other Hindus. The words he uses are foul shocking and totally unbecoming of a UC Berkeley PhD and a Professor (Adj) at Univ or Paris Sorbonne.

A sample : Anyone with Tamil will easily tell you that most of his Tamil tweets are designed to end with “Sanskrit Parasite”

He brings a very bad reputation to University of California, Berkeley and more importantly the unsuspecting Prof Dr. George L. Hart.


Over the years I have engaged deeply in Tamil language with the Dravidian Tamil twitterverse and delved deep directly into Tamil sources of Dravidian source material. Luckily my tamil knowledge and ability to converse in the common Tamil idiomatics helped me.

I have been aghast at the following

  • the intensity of the venom
  • the quality of the propaganda material ( I will be sharing the anti brahmin cartoon material shortly)
  • the continuous promotion of such individuals by the Dravidian elites
  • the helplessness of the common Tamilian to stop this
  • the indifference and lack of intellectual curiosity by New Delhi and other India states
  • the ability of the Dravidians Tamils to “manage” the other states Indians and also international scholar community particularly in the USA and UK

As a response I saved such evidence to be part of a mega chronicle.

Mr Kannabiran Ravishankar was introduced during his PhD Award as a ‘scholar of international repute in Tamil literature” – the Tamil people know he is ANYTHING but that. A hoax built on another hoax.

PS: I encourage people to share any material from Mr Kannabiran Ravishankar that has offended them on twitter.

The world must be shown who was awarded a PhD.