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Pre Birth booking in school attended by Fadnavis kids

To illustrate the extent of admissions autonomy granted to schools and not to others.

Quick comments first:

  • The school had the discretion to admit Fadnavis kids – if Right to Education was applicable then Sec 13 would prevent any screening including findout of if the kid seeking admission was the Chief Ministers son.
  • The anti screening provisions are vigorously pursued and Hindu-Marathi run schools are prosecuted. Stories Ghatkopar ; Pune Notice to 35  schools;  Mumbai HC Landmark Judgment! outlawing screening till 8th std under RTE rules; several schools flout screen for admission 50K fine per incident as per RTE; the Maharashtra Govt has also not refunded partial subsidy amount under RTE to non-minority (i.e Marathi Hindu) run schools.
  • This is not a personal issue. The school is a fine institution and the CM Fadnavis seems to be honest people. It is about the principle behind exemption for minorities. Fadnavis is a RSS Hindu (media describes him as RSS posterboy) and how can admitting his wards be of any benefit to the minority community?
  • The ability to separate the perceptual from the conceptual is missing from Hindus in public sphere.
  • He seems comfortable with sectarian education laws because he does not perceive through his own senses the deleterious effects.  This is a pattern in the larger Hindu society.


Translated from Marathi


The Cathedral & John Cannon School , where Maha CM Fadanvais sends his children, has started real-estate like “Advance Booking” for school admissions by flouting all rules. Cathedral has booked 4 educational years: 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018. School is inviting admission forms for year 2019 when Govt has clearly laid down rule that all schools should start admission at most 2-3 months ahead of educational year. School website has given information in this regard & parents do not have option to inquire abt it.

This is ICSE school still except curriculum they have to follow State Govt rules.  School was served notice by Education Observers of South for refusing to follow guidelines for appointment of Teachers and other non-Teacher employees.  Cathedral replied to notice saying since it is ICSE school they do not need to follow 1981 Maharashtra Private School Employees act and instead advised Edn Observers to retract notice. Education Observers have began process to remove NOC issued to School. This matter was conveyed to Education Secretary in Pune by Education Observer for South  BB Chavan.  When Loksatta (newspaper) contacted School Principle Meera Isaac , she replied whatever we have to say wrt admissions is posted on our website. She refused any further comments

What are guidelines wrt to age of school admission?

There is no clarity abt this in law. Still “guideline” says should not admit students before 4 years of age. Also there is no justification (for school) for admitting students so much ahead.  If School admits before 4 years then how can it follow changing guidelines wrt age of admission, how much early can you let students be admitted in school? There are no clear rules which answer these questions. School is taking advantageof these loopholes. We will check rules related to admissions and see what action can we take on School – BB Chavan , South Zone Education Observer

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  1. xyz said, on February 9, 2015 at 2:07 pm

    Great job RC.
    This is the problem.Rich influential hindus prefer Xtian exclusive schools.Rich NRIs and Rich locals can buy seats.My sister and b-i-l are NOT middle class.They are upper middle class.They could get the seat with reco+donation in a Hindu school.

    The old middle class valued the 3Rs +’education’.Its a different world.No correlation between ABC degrees and BCD jobs,as one wise man put it.Its 1.2 billion population each for himself and his ‘community'(at most) or his HSBC Geneva a/cs.Education is a commodity to be sold in auctions.My father was watching a tamil TV serial.The self righteous crusader(not talking about you,you are a righteous crusader) was asking the medical college director all the melodramatic questions.(I detest the ‘cheapos’ of tamil serials talking about ‘merit’)The med college asked her to join a teacher training institute if she could not afford a medical college seat.I liked the honesty of that character in the serial.

    The RSS/BJP guys are in many ways the washed out version of Congress.

  2. xyz said, on February 11, 2015 at 9:14 am

    Shri fadnavis represnts nagpur in Vidhan Sabha.When did he do his booking for his child?The Elections were held in oct 2014.Why should his daughter be admitted in Mumbai when he represnts Nagpur(He became CM in Oct 14).These might sound as nit picking but these are the real issues that Shri Fadnavis might not even recognise.

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