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Aariya Maayai notes

notes from Mr C.N. Annadurai’s book “Aariya Maayai”


A pottri (panegyric) to Tamil Brahmins by former Tamilnadu Chief Minister C.N.Annadurai.

This comes straight from Rev J.A. Dubois.



Rev J.A.Dubois


Jean-Antoine Dubois, (born 1765, Saint-Remèze, Fr.—died Feb. 17, 1848, Paris), French educator, abbot, and priest who attempted to convert the Hindus of India to Roman Catholicism.

Ordained in 1792, he sailed to India under the Missions Étrangères. Despite his efforts in many parts of South India, his mission failed, and he returned to Paris (1823), convinced that the conversion of the Hindus was impossible. In Paris he became director of the Missions Étrangères and later superior (1836–39).


This is what he says :



Mr Annadurai — specifying the types of Gods he doesnt want  He like all Dravidians assume they are speaking for all Non-Brahmin Tamils.


Mr Annadurai, specifying the type of God he – by extension in the Dravidian view all the Tamil Non-Brahmins want.

Having read Dubois book — his is a book of low quality and highly motivated with the goal of conversion. All those who he thought stood in the way of spreading Christ was pure evil.




Quite intriguing that this is the first and strongest foundation of Annadurais book.  The rest of the book makes for poor reading .. just regurgitating various allegations against Tamil Brahmins,  conjuring out glorious Tamil history of 2500 vintage etc..

Fmr Tamilnadu Chief Minister CN Annathurai’s poetry about Tamil Brahmins.

Stalwarts of greed and avarice –  Praise you !

Forked tongued people – Praise you !

Icons of trickery  – Praise you !

Slaves we are,  our master – Praise you ! 

King of Cunning – Praise !

Evil Eye (வன்கண்) persons – Praise !

Cruel Minded – Praise !

Cowards ! Praise Praise !

Those who get frightened easily !  Praise ! 

Those who commit great cheating  ! Praise 

Those who start fights between two people !  Praise you !

Smiling faced Foxes –  Praise ! 

He who practice Black magic (ஒட்டுவித்தை)  – Praise !

Extreme injustice you cant feel – Praise ! 

You people  who destroyed our race – Praise to you !

Incomparable harm  you are – Praise to you !

Here take our (flesh) offering (இரை இதோ ) – Praise to you !

I am glorifying you thus  (ஏத்தினேன்) – Praise ! Praise !  

There is a university named after this person.

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