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Hateful quotes from the very top Dravidian Tamil leadership

Just documenting all in one place with original sources.

Periyar speaking about Brahmin women

Original in Tamil

Annathurai about impossibility of living with Brahmins (Aryans)

Original shared by Dravidian Tamil accounts

Periyar daring Brahmins to pick up swords and fight


Periyar preseting Dravidian-Tamil anti-brahmin lies as “proven truths”

Nehru rebuked Brahmins who complained about Dravidian Tamils vulgar attacks on Ramayana

Nehru is reported to have told him “Even I get enraged on reading the Ramayana, imagine how it will be for them (Tamizh Brahmins)”

Lies formed the bedrock of Goebbels as well.

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