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TN Finance Minister Palanivel Thiagarajan reaches out to the spring of hate for support

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on February 4, 2023

Imagine being a small time independent and fearless woman journalist and then being called in public as “poison” and “vile” by the Finance Minister of Tamilnadu. Dayum !!

This is what Palanivel Thiagarajan ( @ptrmadurai ) the obnoxiously loud DMK Cabinet Minister of Tamilnadu did.

Outsiders will not understand that the dynamics of Tamilnadu Politics centre around the “Dravidian ideology” which is nothing but an adaptation of Anti-Semitism. The two people in this conversation are DR P Thiaga Rajan (The Finance Minister of Dravidian) and Mr SKP Karuna (owner of an Engineering college and a senior DMK member). SKP Karuna is the one who mainstreamed Nooliban – a portmanteau of Nool+Taliban. Where Nool in Tamil = “Thread” (Poonool/Janeyu) that Brahmins wear. These are from the upper most castes of Tamil country – PTR is a Mudaliar Pillai and SKP Karuna a Telugu Naidu. Each of their castes are the most privileged in Tamil land and have been known for treating the lower castes as worse than chattel without even the basic elements of humanity. Today Dravidian has enabled them to spit and park their crimes on Tamil Brahmins using hate propaganda and they find their own castemen over representing in all sectors including politics by aligning themselves with the oppressed Dalits and working castes.

You are see the sheer FORCE that is being brought to bear on poor Sandhya Ravishankar. Wild accusations of siding with Pollachi Rapists (why has DMK not thrown them all in jail, is she responsible). Hardly masculine and heroic for powerful mature Tamil-Dravidian men who have amassed power using saturation hate propaganda against Brahmins — to gang up against a young lady journalist? Calling her names like “poison” and “vile” in an effort to make her fall in line under Dravidian. Also notice the women journalists of The News Minute and others have abandoned her. Is it because they are Non-Brahmin women and the attackers are males from their clans ? The only other explanation is cowardice.

.. please follow Periyar advice

So why not tell us what “Periyar advice is” Dr Palanivel Thiaga Rajan. Seems mousey and sneaky to ‘wink-wink’ hint at that advice. Periyar adviced a lot of things 1) Murder Tamil brahmins 2) Burn their houses 3) Greet a Brahmin with ‘hi son of prostitute’ 4) take Tamil Brahmin women as wives 5) Non brahmins do exact opposite of what Tamil-Brahmin does 6) if you see brahmin and snake – kill brahmin first 7) Nonbrahmins are concubines sons of Tamil-brahmins .. 8) dont speak with shameless.

Which one is it? Is it 8) — then why not qualify it and say it like that. You arent stupid Sir. You are clever, educated at US Universities.

This type of Wittgenstein “dog whistling” Periyar is a way to disconcert and ruffle poor Sandhya and also serve as a warning to others. Its like a rowdy who lifts his baniyaan (T-Shirt) slightly and reveals the packed machete of Anti-Semitism (adapted in Tamil-Dravidian as Anti-Brahmin-ism).

P Thiagarajan taps the Dravidar Kazhagam for support against Malini

Outsiders have to first understand anti-Semitic like propaganda techniques of the Dravidar Kazhagam.

  • The Dravidar Kazhagam claims to represent the entirety of Tamil Non-Brahmin interests. Perhaps this is not off the mark.
  • For as long as it existed through its publications like Viduthalai has spread hatred, fear, grotesque caricatures of the Tamil Brahmin community.
  • Issue warnings in the form of ‘notices’
  • Exhibit hyper-vigilance traits – watching any sites of potent dissent.
  • Really really hate and will go to any extent to prevent Tamil Brahmins from defending themselves.

For example these are publications from Dravidar Kazhagam – some written by Mr K. Veeramani the permanent leader of the Dravidar Kazhagam.

Here is a book cover with a grotesque Tamizh Brahmin representation. This is exactly the type of disgust inducing topes Julius Streicher deployed in this Der Sturmer. In Tamilnadu this is absolutely normal. In fact I saw many books with cover like this in the Chennai Book Fair 2023 – I even picked up a few.

It is to this type of power that Dr Palanivel Thiagarajan supplicates and roots his foundations on.

On the left side is a book cover “Yes Brahmin-ism needs to be hated” – the grotesque caricature of a Tamizh Brahmin down to the highly detailed palm leaf fan, fat, thick lips, missing tooth show the criminally of how the proposition if presented. Yes this person deserves to be hated.

This is an evil of a different sort. Such cartoons are a throwback to the Fips toons in Der Sturmer.

Grotesque caricatures, books filled with accusations and canards against Tamil Brahmins. Form the bedrock of Dravidian literature. Palanivel Thiagarajan @ptrmadurai owes it to this power now.

It is to this evil power that belongs to a past age that Dr Palanivel Thiagarajan is appealing to for support and receiving it.

Malini – Control your tongue நாவடக்க.. save your tongue நாகாக்க.

What kind of support is Mr K Veeramani of the Dravidar Kazhagam offering Dr PTR Thiagarajan

It is nothing but threats to Malini Parthasarathy of The Hindu.

The technique is FEIGNING Hurt. Like Shashi Tharoor, Malini Parthasarathy maybe opposed to me politically – but we are on the same plane of civility. Dravidian is not like that. It would be wrong to pretend otherwise. If someone disagrees with Palanivel Thiagarajan he will be simply dismissed as “Thread Ilk” or “Genetically bigoted”. You simply cannot have a discussion.

So here the leader of PTR is issuing a warning to Malini Parthasarathy.

“You are insulting those who fought for Tamilnadu as rabble rousers” – – no she didnt say that. She said this whole matter is about rabble rousing the “army of trolls online in 2023” not Annathurai in 1965. The entire outrage is feigned. A pretext “you insulted me in this manner, and hence I am justified now in attacking you back” – because I am looking for a pretext for violence. In words or action.

Once again, a symptom of evil is loss of logical structures. For the life of me I cant remember who said this – I think it was Velukkudi Krishnan. This is a spectacular insight.

Explain to us – why should Malini Parthasarathy or any other citizen be warned to control her tongue? While the Finance minister can run his? You Dravidians have demonstrated that you possess the media power to respond word for word.

One explanation is that there is actual criminal potential behind the aggressive words and the mens rea. That is the only way this “Warning” to Malini Parthasarathy makes any sense.

Again comes back to my previous posts. Dravidian is at its foundation a police matter.

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  1. Tom said, on February 4, 2023 at 11:27 am

    Elite brahmin should stop believing tamils r your fellow hindus & view them as indo nazis. instead demand minority status from centre to defend their interests at international forums if need arises. Minority status will provide autonomy & protection from delhi.

    • VK (@vkreader1) said, on February 5, 2023 at 2:55 am

      These elite vellala castes to which PTR belongs, have used SCs (pallars and paraiyars) as slaves.
      One needs to read ‘The castes and tribes of Southern India’ and know how Vellalas was the main oppressor of these castes.

  2. Alan Smithee said, on February 5, 2023 at 8:39 am

    In a recent video Kantharaj says TBs are mad because BJP’s top officials and ministers both in center, states are non-Brahmins. Sooner TBs understand this, the better.

  3. Kannan said, on March 21, 2023 at 3:53 am

    Is anyone aware of any studies on the economic ill effects of the anti-Brahmin movement ? A lot of well educated and talented Tamil Brahmins migrated out of Tamil Nadu and this has caused economic harm.

    I think Tamil Nadu would have been the top IT destination but for the anti-Brahmin movement. Now Bangalore is the top IT center and while TN is a secondary player and quite distant to Karnataka.

    Recently Annamalai and Sridhar Vembu tweeted for Brahmins to return. But Brahmins are better of staying where they are – the likes of Palaniveal Thiagarajan instead of focusing on finance and the economy are spewing hate.

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