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Dravidian-Tamil accounts spew anti-Brahmin hate on Nirmala Sitharaman on Twitter over Budget 2023

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on February 2, 2023

Like Nazi Anti-Semitism “Dravidian-ism” is a complete worldview. Every event should be explained by or force fitted into this overarching Brahmin- Non-Brahmin(Dravidian) framework.

Capturing some of the budget gems in Tamil social media sphere.

One of the features of Dravidian-Tamil propaganda is its extreme vulgarity and pornographic depictions. Have you ever seen such a tweet in any other Indian state or society?

The Google Translation is of course comically wrong. Here is the correct translation.

One Khyber Pass Pig (referring to Subramanian Swamy a Tamizh Brahmin) has taken Human Excrement and slapped it on this Paapaathi’s face (a derogatory Dravidian-Tamil word for Tamizh Brahmin woman – referring to Nirmala)

Isnt this odd? Is this just a stray tweet? Or is this a propaganda account dedicated to maintain a TEMPO of such criminal tweets. Lets see

Notice immediately the BIO in Tamil. Also notice the extremely high number of Tweets. This is an account similar to @ArakkarPeriyar . There is something about this isnt it? Imagine a political movement that rests on such a level of propaganda. A criminal passion assured of immunity from prosecution. Encouraged.

Some more tweets from Dravidian-Tamil account who have always claimed to represent ALL Non-Brahmins in Tamilnadu 97%.

A Tamilian (Dravidian) Life Coach who lives runs a meditation centre in Fremont


Hate to translate this Tamil from a brand new minted account – unreal filth. Here goes for the record “Leave P. Chidambaram – does the Paapaathi (Nirmala) eat rice or latrine excreta ? If she has self respect from her own state she should stand for elections and win. If she does that she eats rice, but now she is eatign Kakkooos (Latrine) excreta?

Is this merely a Police matter?

I think it is. I know it is.

The movement turns on the state de-facto exempting criminal laws (IPC 153, 295, 505) along one direction. And in this exemption lies the power of the longevity of the Dravidian movement.

In 2024, the Dravidian ideology is adopted fully by the Congress Party under Rahul Gandhi. That is how the Congress ends. Even if Modi loses 2024, it will be Dravidian propaganda techniques that should get the credit.



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  1. Vijay Vanbakkam said, on February 2, 2023 at 5:09 pm

    latest uncouth casteist statements going round internet. For all the ‘periyar praise’ – as I hear- by this lady, #D discourse ALWAYS comes down to anti Brahminism

    • realitycheck said, on February 3, 2023 at 5:16 am

      Saved the video. The real criminality is in the Elite Non-Brahmin-Dravidian sections. Did you see a single Women non-brahmin feminist journo from TheNewsMinute even engage? Or a single “Progressive’ Peter Sandu Commie? So beautiful and odd isnt it?

  2. Tom said, on February 3, 2023 at 11:13 am

    Young brahmin kids need to b trained to defend & reply back. That should b our goal.

  3. Kannan said, on March 11, 2023 at 3:47 am

    The deep inferiority complex of the Dravidians on display here. Or as the saying goes – perhaps they dont have an inferiority complex, they are inferior.

    Tamil brahmins have a dispora in other Indian states and abroad as well. This diaspora should play a bigger role in exposing the outsider Dravidian culture of the DMK which is not intrinsic to Tamil Nadu. This is why it is better for states to have leaders who have a long ancestry in their state.

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