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The criminal ArakkarPeriyar s are the keys to Dravidian power

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on January 26, 2023

Under the Indian Penal Code sections IPCs 153, 295 wantonly vilifying any group or religion is a criminal offence. Here is how Free Speech jurisprudence bullying in India works :

  • We are asked to ignore these provisions. We are taunted by New Delhi like so “How come you suddenly want checks on free speech Reality Check? Arent you the true liberal? ” “You suddenly dont like free speech because it is against you”.
  • What they miss is the “Rule of Law” – where we can accept “All in or All out” – this forms the bedrock of democracy.
  • There criminal provisions are in widespread use particularly in Tamilnadu. Hence even a minor remark on the other side will result in police and the Dravidian state power falling on your head. Some have spend months in prison under Goondas based on these criminal provisions.
  • We are asked to bear with the following interpretation of these provisions : Think of it as a communal law like the SC/ST Act. Even though it isnt worded like that. It is the spirit of the law.
  • In this crevices and gaps in Criminal Law is parked the secret of the Dravidian movements longevity and power. In a mere 50 years the Congress Party under Rahul Gandhi is singing praises for the same Mr EV Ramaswamy (Periyar) that Jawaharlal Nehru called a “senile lunatic”.

Once again let us focus on the Twitter account @arakkarperiyar – here is a quick profile.

  • Like many Dravidian-Tamil players he is remarkably passionate. Profuse and restless does not even begin to describe these types. It is almost like a religious penance for them. Outside of religious zealotry it is rare to see this type of dedication and hard work.
  • A very visceral graphic pornographic type of Tamizh Brahmin hatred can be noticed in Arakkar Periyar.
  • He plays the “Vellala/Upper caste” game of social justice hijack via relentless tweeting in a rude, violent, aggressive tone. Particularly the two tactics — 1) portraying the ritual fees charged by Brahmins as the primary social injustice and 2) foregrounding Dalit in a superficial way.
  • He is protected by the senior most layers and the “Network”. Probably using Tamil insiders he is able to get away from reporting. They are well organized as groups.
  • A simple police warning could put the brakes on his mischief. Or he can be protected or avenged by further criminal elements on the ground. In any case, the next “ring” or the next “evolution” of hate speech always has to be actual crime.
  • In a way India is Ondriyam (Federal) in the way even the United States is not. India does not have a Federal Police or a Federal Court. Another sweet gap which is exploited by criminal elements to the hilt. You can have a local police state that wins political power — and that political power than negotiates with the Central Government.

Vulgar and foul language but using the cover of Tamil and Valluvar

ArakkarPeriyar follows the classic Vellala path of ‘social justice hijack’. By getting in front and saturating the medium with “Look at the Tamizh Brahmins who are doing your rituals and stealing your money and rice and offerings” As if this is the social injustice the oppressed and the dispossessed should be worried about first. A complete illogical hoax. Think about it this – if dispossession and oppression is the primary issue then the Vellala-Dravidians should be glad that the Brahmins “sadangu porukkis” (those who scrounge at ritual events) are able to scam the rich guys a bit. Others should do it too. See? This is the progressive take. Have you ever seen a Peter Sandu Leftist Dravidian ever take this most commonsensical line? Sweet lord..

Fact of the matter that anyone with an ounce of common sense and knowledge of Tamil society will know – the entire “Ritual superiority issue of Tamizh Brahmins” is of zero interest to the vast majority of Tamils and only of trivial interest even to the Vellalas themselves. Arguably the payoff to the Velalla-Chettiar-Mudaliar-Naidu axis based on Brahmin proximity is loaded in favour of the V axis. For every rupee of ritual fee paid they got back 10 rupees in social capital. That was the system in place after demise of real monarchy in Tamil lands and the nobles tried to imitate the king.

Back to Arakkar Periyar. Here are his interactions today. He has done this nonstop for years now.

This represents a classical Dravidian elite caste grooming of the Vanniyar community. The goal is to disciple them to Dravidian coalition. Observe the foul language and how he is able to stay on Twitter using the Tamil exception and the compromised Tamil moderation team inside Twitter, Inc.

The Director who is a Hindutva leaning goes : “All castes have a nature? Arakkar Periyar pushes this “Hey Jatti Thief – Kshatriya castes (ref to Vanniar) nature is to send their queens to do Pooja for Tamizh Brahmins..” This is a common trope pushed by Periyar himself many times. That Tamil and Malayalee kings used to send their wives to be serviced by Tamizh Brahmins (Paapaans).

In the next tweet – Arakkar Periyar goes. “In the Agni Pot (reference to Vanniyar) they roasted their testicles and in the sweat they were born – the scums (saniyans)..

To take on Dravidian, you have to recognize it is a quasi military landscape. You cannot do it by triggering them over “Tamilakam”. It is about confronting the few dozen ideological zealots. Those who will not stop. The enabling environment created for zealots where you would expect a true democratic state to subject them to criminal law provisions already in force. In that respect, Dravidian is at its most basic element a police matter.

It is the air that is poisoned.

The ideologue is nothing but the exhaust pipe that emits the fumes.

Go after the exhaust pipes.

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  1. Tom said, on January 27, 2023 at 9:51 am

    This is similar to nazi trope of jewish men. This is not a philosophical debate. Then they will. say y dont tb women marry non tb ?. entire debate revolves around tamil brahmin. As if India doesnt have 6500 castes.

  2. Vijay Vanbakkam said, on January 30, 2023 at 11:20 am

    a rising political leader in Tamilnadu compares TamBram psotion in Tn to Jews

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