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Dravidian founder EVR Periyar on Lord Ram

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on August 3, 2020


Observers of Tamilnadu would be shocked at the sheer volume and the depravity of what is mainstream discourse. These are not stray voices but very well funded and coordinated.  What is even more important this springs not from the masses or the poor but from the elite classes of the self-identified “Dravidians” – lawyers, engineers, doctors, litterateurs, businessmen.

There is nothing much us non-Dravidian Tamils can do,  other  than to identity the patterns, study their methods, read their leaders, and chronicle what is happening.  In that pursuit, I am deeply studying Tamil material for a few years now.

Now, Mr EV Ramasamy “Periyar” as presented to the outside world , much like Dravidian ideology itself is a completely different beast to outsiders and to Tamils. Which is why the discourse happens only in Tamil language using coarse, illogical, and vulgar idioms to repel  the decent ones from engaging. One of the common motifs today, in Tamil-Dravidian people is to call Hindu epics and scriptures as “obscene” even DMK coalition MPs publicly mock Hindus as “asingam” – i.e. obscene.  Where does this come from?

The following speech was made by Mr E.V. Ramasamy “Periyar” in Madurai near Tiruparankundram towards the end of his life.

How Dravidian Tamils think Lord Ram was born

Here is EVR in his own voice in Tamil ( see linked video 33:52 – I have copies)

33:52 (english below)

எங்கடா சாமின்னா கிருஸ்துவன் என்ன சொல்றான்
நாளைக்கு ஒரு பாதிரிய கேளேன்? “எங்கடா” சாமின்னு .. “நம்பு. அவ்ளோ தான் சொல்லுவான்
மேல ஒண்ணுமே சொல்லமாட்டான் – இன்ன இடத்துல இருக்கு இப்படி இருக்கன்னு சொல்லவேமாட்டான்..
அவன் அன்னேன் தான் துலுக்கன் — அவனை கேளு ‘எங்கடா சாமின்னா .. ” – “நம்பு”
எப்புட்றா இருக்கும் – ‘அதெல்லாம் கேக்காதே சாமிய பத்தி ”
அவ்ளோதான் கதை ..
நீ என்னடான்னா – கழுத / குதிரை / நாயி / நரி — சாமிய கண்டபடி , சாமி கண்டவனுக்கு பொறந்தவெண் ..
சாமி பொண்டாட்டி கண்டவன் ஓட போனவ ..சாமி பொண்டாட்டி மிருகத்தோட எல்லாம் படுதுகிட்டவ ..
இப்படி கதை எழுதிவெச்சுக்கிட்டு சாமிய குத்தம் சொல்றான்னா.. எழுதினவன கேளுய்யா .
கணேஷ் எப்படி பொறந்தான்? சிவனோட பொண்டாட்டி ஆனை கிட்ட போயி..
ராமன் எப்படி பொறந்தான் .. அவன் வயத்துல பொறக்கறேன்னு சொன்னான் விஷ்ணு..
யார் வயத்துல – தசரதன் – அவுனுக்கு வயசாயி போச்சு – 60000 வயசு..
புள்ள ‘பெக்குற’ (sic) காலம் தாண்டி போச்சு.. பொண்டாட்டிங்க குமரியா இருந்தாலும்..
பொண்டாட்டிய கூப்பிட்டு — பாப்பன்கிட்ட ஒப்படிச்சு.. பாப்பான படுத்துக்க சொல்லி..
அந்த பொம்பளைங்களுக்கு உணர்ச்சி வராது .. கெளடி(?) குதிரையை கொணர்ந்து.. அத கொன்னு ..
அந்த குதிரையோட ஆண்குறியை இந்த பொம்பளைங்க உள்ள விட்டு ..
இவங்களுக்கு நெனப்பு உண்டாக்கி .. அத பாப்பான் பண்ணி . குட்டி போட்டாங்க ன்னு ..
இதான் பால காண்டம் ..


In English  – direct translation as spoken


Where is God , if you ask what will a Christian say. BELIEVE
tomorrow you can ask a Bishop – “where is God” – he will say BELIEVE
He wont say anything more. He wont say God is here, there, or will look like this
His brother is Muslim , as a Muslim he will say BELIEVE
If you ask “how will he look” – Muslim will say “Dont ask all these things about God”
That is all

You guys however .. with  your donkey/horse/dog/jackal stories. You God arbitrary, Your Gods born to random men ..
Your Gods wives (Goddess)  sleep with random men.. Your goddess even sleep with animals.
When your stories are like this, dont blame us (Dravidians) for speaking, ask who wrote it?
kanesh how was he born.. siva wife with elephant..(audio not clear here..)

Rama how we he born? Vishnu wanted to be born in his body.
Whose body? Dasarathan. but he was was old 60000 yrs old. too old to breed.
His wives were however young and fertile.. so he called his wives
and sent them to  “Paapans” (Dravidian for Tamil-Brahmins).. made the Paapaan sleep with them..
But those queens (Kausalya,Supathra,Kaikeyi)  did not get in the sex mood..

So they called a horse,and killed the horse.  They then took the Penis of the Horse and
inserted into the ladies vaginas.. Then they got aroused and got mood.. then
the “Paapaans” did their job. Then they put a litter..

This is the story (of Lord Ram) 
This is Bala Kandam in Ramayanam..

(there is even more vulgar material about Sita a bit ahead.. )


Periyar himself on Lord Ram


Now all of this is a TOTAL LIE .. we know but the underclass Tamilians dont. The elite Dravidians – I call them அரண்மனைக்கிளிகள் (palace birds) know this is bogus, but they see themselves as winners of this absurdity. So, they let it go. Now , I dug through my resources and found what the Ramayanam actually says.

வைத்தது தரை மிசை மறித்தும் அவ் வழித் தைத்தது பூதம்;

அத் தவனும் வேந்தனை ‘உய்த்த நல்

அமிர்தினை உரிய மாதர்கட்கு

அத்தகு மரபினால் அளித்தியால்! ‘என்றான்.

They made offerings to the sacred flame, a Phantom  appeared with a plate with a Pindam (ball of offering), which the queens shared. This was the Puthira Kamesthi Yagam.

Nothing like this at all of course.  This lie continues to this day – there are literally dozens of  tweets by Dravidian-Tamils on Ram prior to the inauguration of the Ayodhya temple.

I dug around for some more explanation. This shows that Mr EV Ramasamy “Periyar” and his Dravidian disciples lie on purpose in grand settings, repeatedly, even while in power.  This wont last last.

This is from a commentary.




material :

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  1. dagalti said, on August 6, 2020 at 10:00 am

    Kamban mentions the putrakAmEshti yAgam only.

    VAlmiki mentions both the putrakAmEshti yAgam and the asvamEdha yAgam that precedes it.

    In that there are three sholkas, which I believe are the source of the above mentioned vulgar interpretation being drummed out to the lay public:

    Bala Kanda
    Sarga 14
    Verses 33,34 and 35

    • realitycheck said, on August 9, 2020 at 5:15 am

      basic rule : you dont enter into an open ended polemical trap. one can always let imagination run wild and you will be beating back.

    • K said, on August 17, 2020 at 6:00 pm

      He did not know Ilakkiya Tamil enough to read and digest Kamban. That’s why the mask of uneducated lout. Likely a missionary suggestion.

  2. Karthick said, on August 17, 2020 at 5:57 pm

    Really bow down to the work you are doing. It’s rare and highly valuable. May I suggest that you apply the principles behind #core (explicit principles, free data,…) to the “Dravidian movement” to lowlight the beneficiaries of the time. And to show how it’s a continuous time local ploy for power.

  3. […] article was first published on the author’s blog on 3rd August, 2020 and is being reproduced here with permission, after minor edits to conform to […]

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