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Advocate Raghavachari and the dravidian imperative

Posted in Uncategorized by realitycheck on July 14, 2021

So here is what happened. The Dravidians hate NEET and had promised to get rid of it when voted to power. They won and they constituted a committee to study impact of NEET. This is a non event in my opinion. Mr Karu Nagarajan BJP General Secy of Tamilnadu Unit filed a suit in Madras HIgh Court calling the committee as an attempt to mislead the Tamilnadu students that a NEET ban was coming and hence lulling them into a trap, like the Anitha incident. I personally think this is .. meh.

The Passion

But I also know that deep down the Dravidian imperative plays to their criminal passion groomed and watered over 100 years by anti-Tamil Brahmin ( #ATB) hate material.

The passion to implicate and make some smart alec remarks on Tamizh Brahmin is best illustrated by this atrociously stupid and self defeating aphorism from Mr EV Ramasamy himself and parroted to this date by Mr Karu Palaniappan, Suba Veerapandian and other upper caste Dravidian ideologues. Just observe they have no image of the self no idea of their own they position themselves only with reference to the Tamizh Brahmin !! Then they blame others for stealing their self respect.

Look at the following specimen tweet (with 3.5K likes) from Mr Naveen Mohamadali. Will he accept if Modi just substituted the words and said “What ever the Muslims want we must do the opposite thing” — see ? If I said this, this would be a IPC 153 case. But this one isnt. That is the great Indian exception.

Mr Naveen Mohamedali ( Tamil filmmaker) 14- Jul-2021

Whatever he (the Tamizh Brahmin) is writing against, we must support that. One old man said this then (Mr EVR Periyar)

When I saw the name of the lawyer appearing for Karu Nagarajan my radar went berserk Mr V. Raghavachari was the name. This is a Tamizh Brahmin name. On the government side a putative upper caste dravidian name Shanmugasundaram.

Sheeesh.. this is dirty right? To talk about caste like this. Cant we all be a bit decent and modern Mr RC ?? Cant we talk about merits of the case ?

Sorry that is not how it works in Reality Check land.

The Dravidian structure is BUILT on demonization, defamation, boycott of the Tamizh Brahmin people. This is the reality. No matter what the issue is – it WILL be force fitted into a Tamizh Brahmin canard of conspiracy. The minute I saw that name I made the following tweet

This tweet was on June 29 2021, I say “Nalla maatuku oru soodu” in Tamil that means a good cow only needs to be branded once. The highlighted portion shows the name of Ragavachari and Shanmugasundaram.

and then another tweet. I knew exactly what was going to happen.

I am proved right once again. Yesterday the Madras High Court dismissed the petitions

Mr V. Raghavachari is merely an innocent lawyer for his client. He is probably a very smart one ,but smart like Raghuram Rajan and Aravind Subramanian. Smart in a narrow technical, professional, or academic way but foolish and naive in a broader way.


Lets take a look at how the Dravidian backend has reacted. This plays right into the criminal passion of the Dravidian Stock. Images with my translations.

Lets start with Senior Journalist with Kalaignar TV Mr Varavanai Senthil again. Observe the 727 Likes and 152 RT. That would be a reach of a few lakhs.

Varavanai : NEET related AK Rajan committee a court case was started by BJP Karu Nagarajan – the lawyer appearing for him name is V Raghavachari (notice quotes) .. For this a Dravidian stock handle replies “For this a Brahmin will suck c*** of sudran”
More brahmin defamation ; 1) does he have Kudumi (Tuft) or is Tuft removed 2) the case is lost.. nowaways I cant even stand the face of those people (TB) in Tamilnadu they are born and working against Tamilian people 3) Shahul says “He stands behind the door and throws stones a brave man”
If his name is “Veerumandi or Muniyandi” (non brahmin dravidian stock sounding) only we need to be surprised.. Karu Nagarajan is merely a mouthpiece for them (Brahmins)

In the previous tweet, notice how the actual plaintiff Mr Karu Nagarajan is given a pass as a non-brahmin and the blame is laid on V Ragavachari !!

1. karu nagarajan (BJP plaintiff) is only a front face.. he is unable to understand he is a brahmin slave 2) what is purpose of appearing for him court dismissed it 3) Avaal (code for Brahmin) for them Avaal are appearing (hinting that brahmins started this case)
Someone defends the hapless ( and clueless in a core way) advocate. The Drav hits back.. a good person will never appear for unjust cases
The second tweet says ” Ragavaachaari Maamaa shafted ”

In the previous tweet notice the following : Maamaa is a slang word they use for Tamizh Brahmin men.. notice how he does not say Karu Nagarajan shafted” only those with a criminal passion will knowingly speak like this.

Hey Ragavachaari.. Poison Poison.. (followed by some illogical stuff.. not important)

What can be done ? Should Tamizh Brahmins not appear for cases

Should Tamizh Brahmins withdraw from court cases?

As Mr E.V.Ramasamy (Periyar) said in 1962. The best way for Tamizh Brahmins to be acceptable to the nonBrahmins whom the Dravdians claim to represent is to give up their right to vote. That is obviously too much but what can be done is

  1. develop a radical awareness of your self and what kind of ideology you are dealing with.
  2. do not brown nose, schmooze with people of dravidian bent even if they talk about topics like literature, ilayaraaja, cinema etc. Be polite. Watch your back. Anticipate their move. Pick up signals.
  3. you can pre-empt disclaim up front. “look I am only an advocate”
  4. on Dravidian passion issues like NEET be extra careful because remember a FAIL that can be attributed to a Tamizh Brahmin is an even bigger WIN for them. They get to appeal to that criminal passion they seeded in the psyche of the Tamil people.
  5. need more like me. hehe

Just this, my post will have a dampening effect , the surprise element is gone. Just like the very existence of the Anti Defamation League had an effect on Anti Semitic rhetoric. To this extent my intervention is valuable.

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  1. Vijay Vanbakkam said, on July 14, 2021 at 4:10 pm

    Good points. The poisonous ‘hate brahmin’ propoganda can be self-feeding . It must be exposed as nazi like evil. If you go through 100 years of hate brahmin propoganda , there is a Niagara Falls like volume from even apparently innocuous persons, apart from usual suspects

    • Agnihothram Thathachariar said, on July 17, 2021 at 6:55 am

      And who are those ‘usual suspects’ please? Anybody other than Chettiar-Mudaliar-Pillai? Your ilk? I have observed nadar konar, udayar to have been active in DK, and brushings between mudaliar and vanniyar in DMK. I haven’t noticed great vanniyar presence in DK.

      But the source of one hundred years of brahmin hate is Nattukottai Nagarathar, Saiva Vellalar, and mudaliar. Are you one of those? Are you suggesting the source to be something else? Breaking India BS of Aravindhan Neelakandan Pillai?

      • realitycheck said, on July 17, 2021 at 2:19 pm

        vignesh.. dont do this on my blog. Dont attack my commenters. Dont use ad-nauseam tactic on the nagarathar-vellalar etc etc etc source. Not how it works it wont yield returns. Spend time chronicling and cataloging your videos if you want to help.

  2. dagalti said, on July 15, 2021 at 2:59 am

    Reminded of the ATG line from Pulp Fiction:

    Hey! My name’s Paul, this shit’s between y’all

  3. realitycheck said, on July 15, 2021 at 3:04 am

    hehe. That should do the trick. Be aware. Say there is a hypothetical choice given:

    1. NEET imposed harshly on Dravidian-Tamils but in a way that allows a Tamizh Brahmin to be made responsible for it.
    2. NEET exemption but in a way Tamizh Brahmin is responsible for winning that exemption.

    Willing to bet bottom dolla they will pick 1.

    • dagalti said, on July 15, 2021 at 4:54 am

      Choice 1 does not even need a Brahmin anywhere in the scene. The responsibility can be adduced to Him anyway. Anyone else is a sell-out front or a naive adivarudi.

  4. dagalti (@dagalti) said, on August 23, 2021 at 2:17 pm

    Archakar GO stayed by Justice Anitha Sumanth.
    Suba.Vee happy aNNAchi!

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